10 Best Sustainable Lighting Brands [2024]

10 Best Sustainable Lighting Brands [2024]

The sustainable lighting brands in this guide will help you brighten up any room in your home while supporting artisan crafts — and without leaving a heavy footprint on the planet.

For how we define sustainable lighting, scroll down below beneath the brands!

Where to Find Sustainable Lighting

This guide features an already vetted, pre-curated roundup of sustainable lighting brands that are creating earth-minded, responsible, and beautifully designed sustainable lights.

Hopefully you’ll find a lighting fixture or lamp you’ll love — there are some really incredible and inspiring brands in here!

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Note that this guide includes affiliate links. As always, all brands meet strict standards for sustainability and are brands we love — and that we think you’ll love too!

1. Made Trade

Whether your interior design style is minimal, contemporary, traditional, or boho, Made Trade has sustainable lighting that will fit your aesthetic in any room of your home. You can find everything from handcrafted rattan lamp shades to lifetime quality copper sconces on this Carbon Neutral Certified online store.

Highlights: Shop By Your Values, Woman-Owned & Family-Run Company, 1% For The Planet Member

Check Out Made Trade’s Lighting

10 Best Sustainable Lighting Brands [2024]10 Best Sustainable Lighting Brands [2024]

2. Lanna Passa

This Thailand-based Etsy shop showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of ethnic hill tribe communities like the Hmong and Lisu. While their designs are now being replicated and mass produced, Lanna Passa is committed to sustaining traditional crafts while sourcing from local villages and supporting hill tribe communities. 

Highlights: Sustaining Cultural Crafts, Natural Materials, WOC-Owned Business

Check Out Lanna Passa

Sustainable handmade bamboo lightening from Lanna PassaSustainable handmade bamboo lightening from Lanna Passa

3. Bicycle Glass

Dedicated to transforming “trash to treasure”, Bicycle Glass creates beautiful sustainable lighting out of locally-sourced recycled glass. Bicycle Glass’ exceptional lighting is all made locally in Minnesota by artisans just for you.

Highlights: 100% Recycled Glass, Local Production, Made to Order Model

Check Out Bicycle Glass

Sustainable recycled blue coloured glass pendant light from Bicycle GlassSustainable recycled blue coloured glass pendant light from Bicycle Glass

4. Modern Gesture @ 54kibo

The one-of-a-kind Modern Gesture lighting from 54Kibo truly stands out with its intricate details and unique shape. Based in South Africa, Modern Gesture creates African-inspired, contemporary lighting made from recycled wood offcuts right in their own Cape Town workshop.

Highlights: Eco Materials, Traceable Production, Black-Owned Brand & Retailer

Check Out Modern Gesture @ 54kibo

Eco-friendly Necklace pendant lighting from Modern GestureEco-friendly Necklace pendant lighting from Modern Gesture

5. Schoolhouse

Designed to transcend time and trends, Schoolhouse’s heirloom-quality lighting is manufactured with intention and thoughtfulness by skilled makers in their Portland-based factory. The brand sources their components responsibly from domestic and international sources.

Highlights: Made Ethically in Portland, Timeless Design & Top-Notch Quality

Check Out Schoolhouse

Sustainable lighting from SchoolhouseSustainable lighting from Schoolhouse

6. Thai Home Shop

Thai Home Shop’s eco-friendly lighting is individually handcrafted in local artisan workshops in Thailand using generations-old crafts. This small business sources their earth-minded materials — like bamboo and rattan — locally in Thailand at a fair price to support their community.

Highlights: Eco-Friendly Natural Materials, Locally-Sourced and Produced, Supports Cultural Preservation

Check Out Thai Home Shop

Eco-friendly bamboo lighting from Thai Home ShopEco-friendly bamboo lighting from Thai Home Shop

7. Collectiviste

Collectiviste partners with talented craftspeople to showcase their talents and intricate work, while creating fair jobs and supporting artisan communities.

Their organic, nature-inspired sustainable lighting fixtures are made from materials like rattan and hand-painted glass using traditional time-honored techniques.

Check Out Collectiviste

rattan sustainable lighting fixturerattan sustainable lighting fixture


GOODEE is a mecca for all things artisan-made, including striking lighting fixtures, table lights, lampshades and even lightbulbs!

You can find both elegant and bold sustainable lighting options made from materials like elephant grass, natural straw, and durable aluminum.

Highlights: Artisan-Made Goods, Ethical Production Practices, Black-Owned

Check Out GOODEE’s Lighting

Sustainable oil lamps from GOODEESustainable oil lamps from GOODEE

9. Graypants

Who knew recycled cardboard could look so chic? Graypants is an eco-friendly lighting brand that creates striking pendant lights (which they call “scraplights”) from repurposed cardboard. The sustainable lighting is manufactured in The Netherlands.

Highlights: Made With Recycled Materials

Check Out Graypants

White sustainable pendants made from recycled cardboardWhite sustainable pendants made from recycled cardboard

10. Vietmade Home Lighting

The earthy-chic lighting from Vietmade is handcrafted from eco-conscious natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and wicker. This brand’s sustainable lighting is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans in a small village in Vietnam.

Highlights: Eco Natural Materials, Artisan-Made

Check out Vietmade Home Lighting

Eco-friendly bamboo home lightening from Vietmade Home LightingEco-friendly bamboo home lightening from Vietmade Home Lighting

Bonus! Vintage Lights at Chairish

Chairish has a true treasure trove of sustainable lighting with their carefully curated collection of gently used, vintage, and antique pieces. Uncover items like a pink floral crystal globe beaded chandelier or a 1920s Italian blown-glass “harp” chandelier with twisted glass. The pre-loved lighting from Chairish is certainly not cheap, but it’s definitely special!

Highlights: Vintage & Used Lighting

Check Out Chairish’s Lighting

Eco-friendly gold chandelier from ChairishEco-friendly gold chandelier from Chairish

What is Sustainable Lighting?

Ok so what exactly is sustainable lighting anyway?

The most obvious is using lower impact, efficient LED lightbulbs. LEDs that are ENERGY STAR-qualified (a US government backed standard for energy efficiency) use just a fraction (20%–25%) of the energy and last 15 to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. (Source)

But let’s go beyond the lightbulbs and talk about the lighting fixtures themselves.


Beyond the bulbs, you can source environmentally and socially-responsible lighting fixtures and lamps. Some materials to look for include:

Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

One of the most sustainable lighting materials to use are those already in existence! Some repurposed materials in lights might include recycled glass or reclaimed wood.

Natural and Locally-Sourced Materials 

This might include materials like bamboo, rattan, and sisal grass. 

Many artisan lighting brands will source these sorts of materials, and as you’ll see, the material varies based on the region where the artisan groups are based. While bamboo might be the most sustainable and accessible material for one group, sisal grass may be the best material for another.

Durable Heirloom-Quality Materials

While natural materials can be sustainably sourced, they may not always last the test of time the way that more durable materials like copper or infinitely recyclable aluminum do.

There is sort of a tradeoff here because the initial production of metals involves a significant environmental impact due to the mining involved. But, quality-made metal lighting can last for generations if kept up well. 

So, if you are going to purchase metal lighting, I recommend sourcing from a high-quality brand that really designs their products to LAST!

Production Practices

Another key element to sustainable lighting is how people and planet-friendly the production practices are.

Here are some questions to ask regarding a brand’s supply chain:

  • Does the brand produce lights locally? Does the brand source their materials locally?
  • Does the brand state where production takes place? What details do they give?
  • What sort of relationship does the brand have with the manufacturing facilities or artisans? Is it a true partnership or does the brand just outsource in a race to the bottom for the cheapest price? 
  • Does the factory have any certifications or other assurances of its sustainability and ethics?

These are just some starter questions to be asking.

If you can’t find the answers to these questions, don’t be afraid to email the brand and ask — if they are a transparent and responsible brand, they should have no problem answering you honestly. 

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