12 Best Sustainable Dinnerware Brands (2024)

12 Best Sustainable Dinnerware Brands (2024)

A durable set of eco-friendly dinnerware is a solid ingredient for a sustainably set table! But…

What is Sustainable Dinnerware?

Well looking for secondhand and vintage dinnerware is always a good start, whether that’s your grandmother’s porcelain dining sets or a pre-loved set of colorful plates and bowls at your local thrift store.

Another great place to look is estate sales. You can likely find full sets of dinnerware! If none of those options are available to you (or your just not finding something you love) you can check out a site like Etsy Used or Chairish.

*Important note on used dinnerware: the FDA started regulating the use of lead in dinnerware in 1971. So you might want to avoid any dinnerware produced before 1971, unless it’s just for display!

Here are some qualities to look for when shopping for new sustainable dinnerware:

Sustainably sourced materials: such as responsibly-harvested bamboo and recycled glass.

Quality: when it comes to products you’re going to potentially use and wash daily, durability is an important factor to keep in mind. Also consider your lifestyle! Perhaps glass and porcelain aren’t the best choices if you have little ones, or you tend to drop things often. (Guilty!!)

Usefulness: You might also want to consider if you will be hand-washing or dishwashing your dinnerware. Some materials are too fragile for the dishwasher, so consider if you’ll have the time (and willingness) to hand wash them all the time. Because part of sustainability is that you’ll actually use the products and they won’t just sit and collect dust! 😉

Ethical production: this could look like transparent local manufacturing or artisan-made and fair trade. In any case, an ethical dinnerware brand would prioritize fair living wages for the workers, ensure safe healthy conditions (this includes no toxic chemicals used in production!) and go above and beyond to consider the wellbeing of the people who work for them and/or produce their products.

Ownership and Equity: this means looking at who owns and profits from the brands we’re supporting; if a brand is owned by a person of color, it will be indicated in their description below (BIPOC-owned stands for Black, Indigenous, Person of Color-owned and WOC-owned stands for Woman of Color-owned).

Your Values: you may have other elements you look for in a brand, such as traditional craft preservation. Or perhaps it’s really important to you that a brand is giving back to their local community.

Where to Find Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

The eco-friendly tableware and sustainable dinnerware brands featured below meet at least one (though most of them meet several) of the above criteria. 

In this roundup, you’ll find sustainable pottery (including ceramic plates, sustainable mugs, and more), recycled glassware, artisan-made ethical dinnerware, and everything in between to suit your needs. I hope that this variety of brands will help you set the table, whether that’s for fancy dinner parties, Friday night pizza, or something in between.

This article features affiliates and partners. As always, we only feature brands that meet strict standards for sustainability that we love — and that we think you’ll love too!

1. Made Trade

For elegant, well-crafted sustainable dinnerware that will transition from Monday morning breakfast to Saturday’s dinner party with ease, look no further than the ethical dining products on Made Trade.

In addition to ceramic drinkware, bamboo dinnerware, and recycled glassware, you can find artisan kitchen textiles in Made Trade’s collection to complete your gram-worthy tablescape.

Categories: Plates and Bowls, Drinkware, Salad Bowls, Placemats and Coasters, Table Linens

Conscious Qualities: Sustainable Materials, Handcrafted, Made in USA, Woman-Owned, Climate Neutral

Price Range: $-$$$

Use code CONSCIOUSSTYLE for $20 off your first order of $150+

Check Out Made Trade

12 Best Sustainable Dinnerware Brands (2024)12 Best Sustainable Dinnerware Brands (2024)

2. Zungleboo

Lightweight, shatterproof, and made from corn starch + bamboo fiber, Zungleboo creates family-friendly and eco-friendly dinnerware!

Their versatile plant-based bowls and plates are also dishwasher and microwave safe, making them easy to care for no matter how busy mealtime is. As Zungleboo writes on their website, their sustainable dinnerware is “from real plants, for real life”.

Categories: Bowls, Plates

Conscious Qualities: Eco Materials, WOC-Owned

Price Range: $$

Check Out Zungleboo

Use code CONSCIOUS15 for 15% off!

3. Our Place

From the same brand that brought us their cult-favorite Always Pan, comes a gorgeous collection of non-toxic dinnerware and sustainable pottery.

Our Place has hand-painted main plates and side bowls made with recycled and virgin porcelain ceramic and dinner glasses handmade from recycled glass and colored with natural dyes.

Categories: Glassware, Bowls, Plates

Conscious Qualities: Eco Materials, Gives Back, WOC-Owned

Price Range: $$

Check Out Our Place

Gray bowls from eco-friendly dinnerware brand Our PlaceGray bowls from eco-friendly dinnerware brand Our Place

4. Fable

Prioritizing timelessness and sustainability, Fable sources quality materials and simple designs that last the test of time.

The eco-minded dinnerware company partners with makers in Portugal, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the US that use conscious practices, like ethical employment, craftsmanship, and low-waste practices (like sourcing recycled clay).

Categories: Dinnerware, Drinkware, Cutlery, Serveware, and Decor

Conscious Qualities: Quality Craftsmanship, Low Waste Practices, Responsibly Sourced

Price Range: $$$

Check out Fable

taupe colored sustainable dinnerware from Fabletaupe colored sustainable dinnerware from Fable

5. East Fork

East Fork’s ethically-made dinnerware and tableware is next level — their gorgeous sustainable ceramics, glassware, mugs, and other goods are exquisitely designed and built for durability.

Committed to creating local manufacturing jobs, all of East Fork’s eco-friendly pottery is made in Asheville, North Carolina and is working to center equity and inclusion throughout their business.

Categories: Plates, Bowls, Cups, Drinking Glasses, Flatware/Silverware, 

Conscious Qualities: Locally-Made, Transparent Production

Price Range:  $$$$

Check Out East Fork

ethical dinnerware in blue and orange from East Forkethical dinnerware in blue and orange from East Fork

6. Bibol

Born and raised in Vietnam, Bibol founder Little Moon returned to her homeland in adulthood to found a company that could offer fair employment for the craftspeople in an ecologically responsible way. Today, Bibol’s elegant bamboo bowls, plates, servers, and tumblers are all handcrafted from sustainably-harvested bamboo and colored with natural pigments by artisans in Vietnam. 

Categories: Plates, Bowls, Cups, Dishes, Salad Bowls and Servers

Conscious Qualities: Eco Materials, Ethical Production, WOC-Owned

Price Range: $$$

Check Out Bibol

bamboo bowl - sustainable dinnerware brand Bibolbamboo bowl - sustainable dinnerware brand Bibol

7. Urban Natural

Green home retailer Urban Natural has stunning eco-friendly tabletop goods from leading contemporary brands like Farmhouse Pottery and Ethnicraft.

The brands Urban Natural curates source natural materials, use time-honored processes, and take quality craftsmanship seriously.

Categories: Plates, Bowls, Cups & Mugs, Flatware

Conscious Qualities: Artisan Goods, Natural Materials, Locally and Ethically Made

Price Range: $$ – $$$

Check Out Urban Natural

Eco-friendly stoneware from Urban NaturalEco-friendly stoneware from Urban Natural

8. Ekobo

Ekobo’s colorful eco-friendly dinnerware is available in a variety of colors and sizes, perfect for mixing and matching to create a unique sustainable table setting for any space.

The eco-friendly diningware from Ekobo is made from upcycled bamboo and the result is durable, dishwasher-safe, and non-toxic diningware. 

Categories: Plates, Bowls, Cups, Trays, Baby Diningware

Conscious Qualities: Eco Materials

Price Range: $$

Check Out Ekobo

9. Middle Kingdom

Rooted in rich heritage and honoring traditional artistry, Middle Kingdom’s porcelain sustainable dishes is made with exceptional care in the ancient kiln city of Jingdezhen, China.

To ensure they’re producing only the highest quality sustainable pottery, every artisan begins their time at Middle Kingdom in training as an apprentice. Each artisan earns fair, well-above-average salaries.

Categories: Plates and Bowls

Conscious Qualities: Ethical Production, WOC-owned, Craft Preservation

Price Range: $$$

Check Out Middle Kingdom

10. Ames

Founded by native Colombian Ana María Calderon Kayser, Ames is an artisan-made home decor brand collaborating with local Colombian craftspeople to bring their handmade goods to a broader market.

Each exceptionally designed and richly hued piece is made using traditional techniques and natural materials like palm fibers and terracotta.

Categories: Plates, Trays, Placemats

Conscious Qualities: Ethical Production, Craft Preservation, WOC-Owned

Price Range: $$$$

Check Out Ames on GOODEE 

11. The Bright Angle

At first glance, The Bright Angle has stunning porcelain dinnerware — and when you look deeper, the story behind the products is even more beautiful.

Each piece — from the brand’s sustainable mugs to timeless vases — is made by makers earning living wages in Asheville, North Carolina. And the brand sources their raw natural materials for their porcelain locally in North Carolina too.

Categories: Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Olive Oil Bottles

Conscious Qualities: Handcrafted, Locally Made, Ethical Production

Price Range: $$$

Check Out The Bright Angle

12. Fable New York

Sustainable dishes that add a pop of color to your table! Made from organic bamboo, non-GMO corn starch, and food-grade melamine binding, Fable New York’s eco-friendly dinnerware is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Plus, their colorful bamboo plates are dishwasher safe (though not microwave safe).

Categories: Plates, Bowls, Tumblers

Conscious Qualities: Locally-Made, Transparent Production

Price Range:  $$

Check Out Fable New York on Food 52

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