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2PCS SoloTop Head Strap Adapters for Vision Pro Modern Solo Knit Top-Strap Adapters Strap Buckle Accessories
Every set of SoloTops is thoroughly post-processed to ensure maximum material strength. Even though I try my best to ensure every set of SoloTop adapters are perfect, they are fdm pla+ 3D printed and may show mild surface imperfections, but rest assured this does not affect the functionality of the product.
The SoloTop adapters for the A p p l e Vision Pro allow you to use an additional Apple Solo Knit band to create a top strap band while retaining the sleek look of the Apple Vision Pro’s original design (This is an expensive headset afterall!). This significantly improves the comfort of the headset due to weight distribution being shifted more from the front of the face towards the top-center of the head. Thanks to the Solo Knit band having a convenient dial on the side, you can quickly and easily adjust the vertical height of the headset relative to your eyes.
It’s highly recommended that a Small size a p p l e Solo Knit band is purchased for use with the SoloTop. Any other size has not been tested and will likely result in a sub-optimal experience.
Installing the SoloTop adapters is as easy as removing the Solo Knit back strap, unplugging the power cable from the headset, sliding each SoloTop adapter onto the left and right bands, and then installing the Solo Knit straps back onto both the SoloTop adapters and Vision Pro side straps.
Package include: Adapters*2.

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