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Archery is a sport that requires precision. It can train people’s aiming, and the strength of archery can also stabilize people’s emotions. Archery can not only enhance the strength of the hips, waist, and legs, but also develop the chest and back muscles, improve concentration, and enhance physical fitness.

bow and arrow


【Ideal Bow and Arrow Set】 Recurve bow*1, 31 inch 600 spine carbon arrow*6, shock absorber*1, Y-shaped arrow holder*1, single needle sight*1, triangular arrowheads*3, adult quiver bag* 1. Hand and arm guard*1, target paper*6
【Excellent Quality】The bow handle is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, which is durable, stable for archery and fast speed. The bow piece are made of high elastic fiberglass. The bow piece rebounds quickly, and the bowstring is made of fast string material, which is not easy to deform.
【Perfect choice】 The whole set is cost-effective, in one step, easy to use, easy to carry and store, dual experience of shooting and hunting, bringing you a wonderful experience.
【Use and scope of application】Suitable for outdoor hunting, shooting range training, 40 lb pull for most adults, bow lovers.
【Risk Free Purchase】If you have any questions about the product or shipping, please contact us by email.

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