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bow and arrow setbow and arrow set


Do you want your child to leave the computer and try healthier activities? Provide them with amazing archery suits suitable for beginners and let them practice their goals indoors or outdoors! This challenging bow and arrow will make them happy for hours!


Specification: Hand Options: Ambidextrous Bow Length: AMO 45″ Actual length: 44.3 inches Bowstring length: 42.5 inches Draw Weight: 15-20 Lbs Color options: black, red, blue, green Riser: plastic and silicone Limb material: high-strength thick glass fiber

The youth bow and arrows set is specially designed for right and left hands. It is not only suitable for teenagers, but also suitable for adult beginners. The bow and arrows also for adults.

Package Includes

Mxessua Archery bow set, includes everything your child will need to start shooting.

1 x Bow,

9 x Target Fiberglass Arrows,

4 x Target Faces Paper,

1 × Arm Guard,

1 × Arrows Quiver,

1x Pin Sight,

1xUser manual.

Quality and safety

The limbs of the bow are lengthened and thickened, so that the bow can withstand greater tension, and the length of the bow is as long as 44.3 inches.

The bowstring comes with a finger saver to protect the finger when shooting.

The grip is designed with silicone material, which can make the bow comfortable to hold.

This youth bow riser was made of high quality compound material, suit for beginner youth archer.

The arrow tips is blunt, which can prevent the tips from scratching the child.




Arm guard and Quiver

The arm guard prevents the bowstring from hitting the arm. The quiver can hold up to 12 arrows. The length of the belt of the quiver is 16.5 inches-33.5 inches and is suitable for most teens.

Beginner Bow

Ideal Archery bow and arrow set for archery beginner, easy to draw the bow for a beginner.

Great Choice for Teens

The archery sports can improve hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration .





There 4 colors youth bow for choose.

Double arrow rest ambidextrous riser design, work perfectly for both right and left hand.

Comfortable grip with silicone

The bowstring comes with a finger saver to protect the finger when shooting.

Great gift for your boy and girl !


An attractive birthday gift or Christmas gift for your lovely boy and girl

This is the best starting point for archery. It brings a lot of fun to teenagers and is the best gift for them.

It can promote hand-eye coordination, improve teenager’s concentration, and prevent them from indulging in electronic products

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars






Silicone Grip

9 Arrows

Arm Guard

Pin Sight


4 Target Faces Paper

Ideal Gift: This is the best gifts for children and teens. Archery teaches concentration and increase patience and self discipline. It can promote hand-eye coordination and targeting. Enjoy outdoor backyard activities with your children with this bow and arrows set.
Strong And Sturdy With Perfect Design: Easy to assemble design. Fiberglass arrow gives durability. Ambidextrous reinforced handle for both right and left handed boy and girl, soft-touch grip for excellent handling.
Archery Bow: 44.3 inches overall length with 22 – 24 inch draw length and 16-20 lb draw weight. Recommended user’s age: 10 years old or More than 10 years old.
Safety First: non-sharp arrow tips, finger saver attached to the bowstring, and arm guards in the bow set will keep your kids safe while shooting. Wear and use instructions are in the user manual.
Included :1 * Bow, 9 * Safety Fiberglass Arrows, 4 * Target Faces Paper, 1 * Arm Guard, 1 * Arrows Quiver, 1* Pin Sight , 1* User Manua

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