7 Sustainable and Non-Toxic Nightstands

7 Sustainable and Non-Toxic Nightstands

Your bedroom is a sanctuary but there are toxic chemicals lurking in our furniture that can keep it from being a true safe haven. This guide to sustainable and non-toxic nightstands is here to help you check one to-do off of your list in creating a toxin-free bedroom.

Note that this guide contains affiliate links. As always we only feature companies that might rigorous standards for sustainability that we love, and that we think you’ll love too!

What is a Non-Toxic Nightstand?

There’s a lot to look out for with non-toxic furniture, which I’ve covered in detail in that article. For this guide we’re focusing on nightstands, which are primarily made with wood or engineered wood. So I will focus on what to watch out for with wood furniture.

Solid Wood Nightstands

When possible, prioritize solid wood for a non-toxic nightstand because many composite woods (though not all) are made with adhesives that contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

With nightstands, even if the nightstand is solid wood, the drawers are frequently made with composite wood. If this is the case, ensure that it is free of formaldehyde and other toxic substances.

Zero VOC or Low VOC Finishes

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, include a variety of chemicals (such as formaldehyde). Some of these VOCs can be extremely toxic and harmful to our health, including another known human carcinogen, benzene. The EPA reports that VOCs are up to 10x higher indoors than outdoors, due to products we bring into our homes such as paints, building and furniture materials, and wood preservatives.

When it comes to wood products like nightstands, pay special attention to the finishes used on these pieces. Although wood is a natural material, it can still be finished with toxic chemicals.

Pure linseed oil — an oil made from flaxseeds — is a commonly used non-toxic finish.

What is a Sustainable Nightstand?

Again we’ll focus on wood here since most nightstands are made with wood (or composite wood) and typically do not contain any cushioning or fabrics.

Responsibly Sourced Wood

While wood is a natural renewable material, deforestation is a driver of climate change and biodiversity loss. Plus forests can help stem the effects of the third element in our triple planetary crisis, pollution.

When looking for sustainable wood nightstands, look for:

  • Upcycled and repurposed wood
  • Wood from reforestation projects
  • Traceable, local (or at least domestic) wood
  • FSC-Certified wood (though I would be remiss not to note that the FSC is far from perfect as a certifier)

Locally Made

When it comes to bulky, heavy objects like furniture, domestic production is a higher priority on my list when determining sustainability. Transportation is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions so the less a piece of furniture has to travel to get to me, the better.

In my case, this means made in the US. (I only know of one furniture company made in my state.)

Many sustainable American-made furniture companies even have their own furniture workshops, for maximum traceability, high social standards, and quality assurance.

Secondhand Nightstands

When it comes to sustainability, it’s hard to beat secondhand. This is furniture that already exists and may even be otherwise headed to a landfill. I’ve written in depth about my top picks for buying and selling secondhand furniture.

I’ll summarize it though as:

  • Apps like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace (I’ve had the most luck with those two)
  • In-person options like furniture resale stores and at estate sales (the former is more curated, the latter might have better deals)
  • Online secondhand furniture marketplaces like AptDeco and Kaiyo

Are secondhand nightstands non-toxic? Typically, no, given that the majority of furniture in general is not made with healthy materials. However if furniture is used it has likely off-gassed significantly already so there will be fewer fumes compared with buying that same piece new.

Be sure to check that the secondhand nightstand has come from a smoke-free home (and pet-free if you have allergies).

Where to Find Sustainable and Non-Toxic Nightstands

Feeling overwhelmed by everything there is to look for in a non-toxic or eco-friendly bedside table? I feel ya! That’s why I’ve done the hours of research and digging for you to curate the best of the best in non-toxic and sustainable nightstands.

You’ll find highlights of each company as well as other important information alongside each brand or retailer.

1. Medley

Crafted in the US by a production team with over 170 years of combined experience, Medley’s sustainable nightstands are built to last — the furniture frames even come with a lifetime warranty.

Medley’s expert team of furniture craftspeople make each of their bedside tables with FSC-certified solid walnut or maple for the tops, sides, and drawer(s). For the rest, Medley uses low-VOC CARB 2 compliant maple or walnut hardwood plywood to keep the nightstands light but sturdy.

Conscious Qualities: Zero and Low VOC Finishes, FSC-Certified Wood, USA-Made

Price: $745 – $1295

7 Sustainable and Non-Toxic Nightstands7 Sustainable and Non-Toxic Nightstands

2. Copeland @ Urban Natural

Copeland crafts transitional furniture made with exceptional attention to quality in Vermont from hardwood sourced from the American Northern Forest. The company also uses renewable electricity from their own on-site solar array.

And Copeland’s standard finish for their products is a GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions.

Conscious Qualities: Locally Sourced Solid Wood, GREENGUARD Certified Finish, Heirloom Quality, USA-Made

Price: $240 – $2205

Dark walnut wood nightstand made with American hardwoodDark walnut wood nightstand made with American hardwood

3. Thuma

Modern, simple, and available in four different finishes, Thuma’s upcycled rubberwood nightstands are versatile storage furnishings that complement a range of interior design styles.

These sophisticated nightstands can be available to ship in just 1-3 days and arrive fully constructed, no assembly required.

Conscious Qualities: Upcycled Solid Wood, GREENGUARD Gold Certified

Price: $445

4. Avocado

Made with solid maple or walnut in their own FSC-certified woodshop in Los Angeles, Avocado’s nightstands are sustainably made to last. The nightstands even come with a 10-year warranty.

Avocado seals the nightstands with a zero-VOC stain and while plywood is used for the drawers, the maple wood option is formaldehyde-free verified by UL Environment.

Conscious Qualities: Zero VOC Stain, GREENGUARD Gold Certified, FSC-Certified, In-House Production

Price: from $249

sustainable mid century modern nightstand from Avocadosustainable mid century modern nightstand from Avocado

5. Healthier Homes

Founded by “healthy home builders” Rusty and Jen, Healthier Homes curates furnishings without the toxins rampant in modern-day mass produced furniture.

Choose from the solid mango wood Playa End Table (pictured here) finished with a low VOC finish or the solid wood Mindi Wood Bedside Table finished with a water-based low VOC finish.

Conscious Qualities: Solid Wood, Low VOC Finishes, Sustainable Furnishings Council Member

Price: $695 – $869

Mid-century inspired mango wood rattan non-toxic nightstand from Healthier HomesMid-century inspired mango wood rattan non-toxic nightstand from Healthier Homes

6. MasayaCo

Handcrafted in Nicaragua, MasayaCo’s talented artisans craft the Terrabona Nightstand from 100% sustainably sourced solid teak wood.

The sustainable furniture brand sources wood from their own reforestation projects (they’ve planted 1.2 million trees to date!) and they leave 40% of their reforestation projects untouched, on average.

Conscious Qualities: FSC-Certified, Reforested Wood, Traditional Artisan Techniques

Concern: Little information on finishes

Price: $495

solid teak wood nightstand made with reforested wood solid teak wood nightstand made with reforested wood

7. Maiden Home

Luxe and elegant, Maiden Home’s direct to consumer model gives us access to quality sustainable furniture without the traditional layers of markups.

The brand’s solid wood nightstands are made by furniture craftspeople in the US from domestically-sourced, solid ash wood.

Conscious Qualities: Solid Wood, USA-Made, Woman-Founded

Concern: No information on finishes

Price: $1250 – $2315

Light colored solid wood sustainable nightstand from Maiden HomeLight colored solid wood sustainable nightstand from Maiden Home

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