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81/2×2 Scooter Tire and Inner Tube for 8.5-Inch Gotrax Scooters and Xiaomi Scooters with Straight Valves

Some Tips for New Buyers

Your tires can be replaced without any reason for any damage during the installation process.Watch some relevant installation videos before trying it yourself. You may need to have mounting tools and lubrication products to help you change your tires.If you find it difficult to complete this process. You can bring your scooter and tires to a repair store for help. Because they have more specialized tools.It is not an easy task and requires some strength. If you do not have the right skills or tools. We do not recommend you to buy it.

Compatible typeCompatible type

High air retention rate 8.5 “pneumatic inner tube and thickened wear-resistant 8.5” outer tire.

8.5-inch outer tire, rubber quality thickened wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, comfortable riding.High-quality butyl 8.5 pneumatic inner tube with excellent airtightness, anti-tear, and anti-aging.

81/2×2 Pneumatic Tires Replacement for Gotrax Scooter, Comfortable and Shock Absorbing.

High quality pneumatic tiresHigh quality pneumatic tires

The comfort level of Gotrax 8.5-inch scooter replacement tire is unmatched by other solid tires. It is worth having.

This 8.5-inch air-filled tires are made of high-quality rubber, upgraded raw materials, one-piece molding, thickened and wear-resistant, comfortable, and shock-absorbing. Comfortable far more than solid tires.

81/2X2 Electric Scooter Pneumatic Replacement Tire

8.5 inches scooter tire replacement for gotrax electric scooter8.5 inches scooter tire replacement for gotrax electric scooter

Easy to install 50/75-6.1 electric scooter replacement tires.

The hollow structure of the 8.5-inch pneumatic tire replacement makes the body lighter, more energy-saving, more silent driving, more flexible handling, and more comfortable riding feeling. Before installation, please check the inner tube airtightness is good.

Installation of 8.5×2 replacement tires

Tire installation stepsTire installation steps

Compatible with all 8.5 inches Electric Scooter Wheels

Please pay attention to protecting your scooter and tires during installation to avoid punctures caused by sharp tools.

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4.4 out of 5 stars

4.4 out of 5 stars

4.4 out of 5 stars





81/2×2 (8.5×2) 50/75-6.1 (8.5×2) 81/2×2 (8.5 in)

Rubber Rubber Butyl Rubber

Pneumatic Valve
Straight stem valve Straight stem valve Straight stem valve


Shock Absorption

High Elasticity

【Scooter tire tube 8.5×2 compatible type: 50/75-6.1; 81/2×2】The replacement tire 8.5 is specially designed for Gotrax,Xiaomi scooters. This 8.5×2 scooter tires is compatible with Xiaomi Mijia M365 /Gotrax/Electric Scooter, all types of 8.5″scooter wheels.
【Excellent shock-absorbing 81/2×2 pneumatic tires】The shock absorption of this 8.5-inch Gotrax tires is based on the elasticity of the rubber outer tire, plus the cushioning effect of the air of the 8.5 inches pneumatic inner tire, which absorbs the vibration energy. The hollow structure of this Gotrax tires makes the body lighter and more comfortable to ride.
【Excellent airtight 8.5×2 inner tube tire】This Gotrax air-filled inner tube is made of butyl rubber, which has a longer service life than ordinary Gotrax tires tube 8.5×2 , Its air retention rate is many times higher than that of Gotrax tire replacement made of natural rubber; it is tear-resistant, wear-resistant and heat-resistant, ozone-resistant and anti-aging; it can effectively reduce rolling resistance and increase the crown life of the outer tire.
【High quality material 8 1/2 x 2 electric scooter tires】The Gotrax scooter tires 8.5 are made of high-quality rubber and can be used under complex riding conditions. High load-bearing performance, good cushioning performance, high elasticity, wear-resistant, heat-resistant and anti-aging.
【NOTE】This 8.5 inch scooter replacement tire is straight stem, its outer tire is suitable for 8.5 inch, 81/2×2; 50/75-6.1 model electric scooters, 8.5 pneumatic inner tires have straight stem valves. Please pay attention to see whether it matches or not when purchasing, so as not to delay your normal use!

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