Beyoutiful Hope: Back to the Bunhead: Part I

I have recently found myself rejoining the ballet world, but this time as a teacher. I have pretty much accepted that my dancing days (aka experiencing dance through dancing and pushing myself my very hardest technique and physically) are over because my knees and hips just can’t anymore. But hey, if you can’t do it, why not teach it?

I also am super stoked that my ex roommate Ali Campbell was able to do a ballet photoshoot for me! I have always wanted to do a professional ballet photoshoot, and seeing these photos it was amazing because the feeling that I feel when I dance was actually what I saw in this photo- and it was amazing. I think these photos turned out so beyoutiful that looking at them I basically was super shocked that it was me! haha. I guess that’s enough self-obsession for the day. God bless and happy Tuesday y’all!

Feeling whimsical,
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