Beyoutiful Hope: Elle Evans Sustainable Swimwear

Beyoutiful Hope: Elle Evans Sustainable Swimwear

Beyoutiful Hope: Elle Evans Sustainable Swimwear
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Hey everyone! So, I haven’t ever done a photoshoot of me on this blog in swimwear because I never found it appropriate or felt confident enough to do it. However, over the past three years I have been looking across the internet for CUTE sustainable swimwear that is tasteful and comfortable and high quality. Finally I found my perfect fit! This reversible two piece, is made out of recycled bottles! It is also printed with with water based, non toxic dyes and each order is made to the order.  I found that totally cool. Then I saw the price point, which is over $100 (but I used my discount above) for the set and was like, yieks! However, I thought… okay Christine. I buy swimwear once in a blue moon. Make this piece work for years and instead of buying one in the next six years, appreciate this for what it is. Also, that it’s reversible makes it versatile four ways. 🙂 I made a skirt out of mesh I bought from my local fabric store because the bottoms are a bit cheeky for me. As for comfort of this, IT IS SO SOFT TO THE TOUCH, and to think it was made out of recycled bottles. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Definitely an investment piece, but worth it for me!

Interview with Tanya Evans, Sales Director at Elle Evans Swimwear

1. What made you begin
Elle Evans Swimwear?
I’ve always loved
sewing and fashion and that combined with my love of the sea meant swimwear was
always my passion. 
2. What about the
fashion industry brought you to begin a sustainable swimwear line?
but after working in
the industry for several years I was shocked at the amount of waste even a
small company creates. Everything from the wasted fabric scraps to the amount
of interdepartmental paper used! When I started my own label I made the
decision to be as sustainable as possible. 
3. What critiques do
you see in the ethical fashion industry?
I think it’s very easy
to say “this type of fabric is ethical” or “that company is
unethical” but it’s not always that black and white. I think the best
thing we as consumers can do is look for company’s that are open and
transparent in their processes and make our choices from there. When in doubt,
4. How is purchasing
from your company making a difference in the environment? Socially? 

The fabric we use
ECONYL® is made using waste such as old dredged up fishing nets and used
carpets that are then regenerated into a beautiful nylon fabric. The creation
of ECONYL® products are actually “waste positive”, this means the amount of
waste removed from the earth is greater than the amount of waste resulting from
production.  Aside from the fabric our products are designed with a
longer lifecycle in mind and are built to last!

5. Where is the
material produced?
ECONYL® recovers waste
from all over the world; Canada, USA, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and
Thailand. Their fabric is produced in Slovenia.

6. Where is the
apparel sewn and how did you find them? Do they also follow sustainable
Our swimwear is all
made in-house in Melbourne, that way we an ensure the best working conditions,
fair wages and sustainable practices! 
7. Every company has
issues and is always looking to improve. What does the future of Elle
Evens Swimwear hold in regards to increasing environmental and social
responsibility and business expansion?
We are still such a
young company and there is so much we’d love to be able to do in terms of our
environmental and social impact. Personally I’d love to be able to put more
energy into consumer education, especially for younger shoppers, I think
learning about the impact of buying that $10 T-shirt before your at the age
where your buying your own clothes will help define this next generation as
Eco-conscious shoppers.  
8. Where do you see
yourself and your company in 5 years? 10 years?
Obviously is love to
see our company grow, however I never intended this to be a large company and
there are some fundamental principals we won’t abandon that will restrict our
growth, such as manufacturing locally. In 5 to 10 year I hope to see our
company (and companies like ours) become more mainstream, my hope is that as
shoppers become more concerned with environment they’ll seek out sustainable
products more and more. 
9. What is the
inspiration for the cuts and prints and who is your target customer?
My inspiration usually
comes from nature, I always end up designing a collection when I’m on holiday!
Usually the print comes to me first, and the ‘theme’ of the collection follows.
This collection my muse was a young Brooke Shields in blue lagoon. Her white
cotton outfit that becomes more ragged and that she drapes and knots around her
as she grows up became the inspiration for the knotted features, the white mesh
fabrics and the fact that many pieces in this collection are reversible or can
be worn various ways!
To me our target market is anyone who wants fashion
forward swimwear but cares about what effect that swimwear might have on the
environment! I like to think that we cater for all body types, and ages too
with the addition of our TEENSY and TINY collections!

Ready to swim and take in the sun,


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