Beyoutiful Hope: SOLO Polarized Sunglasses

Beyoutiful Hope: SOLO Polarized Sunglasses

Beyoutiful Hope: SOLO Polarized Sunglasses

SOLO Polarized Sunglasses

Short post today! (I actually took these photos a few months ago and finally am posting.) So folks, after my last pair of sunnies got scratched to the point where I don’t wear them, I went on a search for a new pair – ethically sourced of course. To my delight, a while back, I happened upon “37 entrepreneurs to watch for in 2017.” As I was reading I found some really cool up and coming brands and then spotted SOLO eyewear. I found the shape I liked and after realizing that they are good quality and polarized on top of using recycled material I ordered my pair. I actually really love them! They are strong and because they are polarized my eyes aren’t screaming because of the strong sun. The price point is acceptable, considering the quality and that you are also helping fund eyecare and eyewear across the world.

I reached out for an interview but never received a response, either to my follow up, so the following information is from their website. According to their website, 10% of profits go to funding eye exams, eyeglasses and cataract surgery in, to date, 32 countries. They also use repurposed plastic and bamboo for their frames. They are polarized, which I love because it definitely is less stress on my eyes in a sunny place like Guatemala. haha. One coinkidink is that their sunglass cases and cords are made with a weaving group right in Panajachel, Guatemala!

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