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bow and arrowbow and arrow

KIZJORYA Great Bow and Arrow Toy for Kids 4-6-12

Shooting Toys is the Best Gift for Kids

KIZJORYA Kids toy bow and arrow set is suitable to play shooting and hunting games with their parents and friends.

bow and arrowbow and arrow

bow and arrowbow and arrow

bow and arrowbow and arrow

bow and arrowbow and arrow

Kids Lighting Bows

The LED light function makes the kids bow very cool, the kids who hold it just like a hero in the sky lighting the night.

2*batteries Needed(not included)!

Safety Kids Bow Buckle

With a buckle, the string of the kids bow won’t hurt kids hands when playing shooting games.

Strong adsorption Suction Cup&Target

*The strong adsorption suction cup arrows toy makes sure kids arrows would not drop easily. Sucker can be adsorbed on the smooth glass, wall, and the bow target, indoor and outdoor.

*Chidlren can enjoy the toy and play games wherever enough space.

High-Quality Kids Arrow

The high quality of the material of kids arrow makes sure that the arrow is not easy to break.

Don’t worry of buying extra arrows frequently.

bow and arrowbow and arrow

Outdoor & Indoor Toy Bow and Arrow for Boys Girls

KIZJORYA archery set for kids is available for kids to play game indoor and outdoor.

Toy bow and arrow for teens offers valuable skill development opportunities.

A 25-foot range enables children to challenge their archery skills and test their shooting abilities.

Toy bow and arrow set is not only exercised kids hand-eye coordination and focus, but also can nourish children’s patience and discipline. While improving their accuracy and technique, teens can gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence, making archery a rewarding and educational journey.

bow and arrowbow and arrow

Cool Christmas/Birthday Gifts for Boys Girl

With nice packed, KIZJORYA kids archery set is a great gift for kids aged 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years old.

Kids could play the bow and arrow toy with friends and parents in room, garden, backyard, indoor outdoor.

With gift archery toy, kids could do some sport while play game, enjoy and have fun.

bow and arrowbow and arrow

【2 Pack Bow & Arrow Set for Kids】KIZJORYA Kids Bow and arrow set comes with 2 bows, 20 suction cup arrows, 2 shooting targets and 2 quiveres. The shooting target is more able to stimulate children’s competitive spirit. KIZJORYA archery toy is detachable and disassembled in a creative way to make kids have a better experienc while playing archery game with parents or friends.
【LED Light & Easy Carry Kids Bow】Equipped with LED lights on the bow, the youth archery bow sets are very cool. The bright LED flash on the toy bow can enhance your arrow’s accuracy when shooting at the target at night. Designed a shoulder strap on the quiver, children can easily carry KIZJORYA suction cup arrows and bow set to go out and play. KIZJORYA archery game toy is ideal gift for kids’ outdoor toys! KIZJORYA bow requires 2 AA batteries – not included.
【Outdoor &Indoor Kids Archery Sets】 Designed with outdoor adventures style, KIZJORYA kids 2pack archery sets are incredibly portable arrow bags and lightweight, allowing children to take and play the bow and arrow toy wherever they go, such as parks, picnics, or camping trips.
【Durability & Safety Kids Bow Arrow】The strong structure of boys bow and arrow set ensures a long-lasting experience of joy. There are grooves on the toddler bow and arrow set to ensure a perfect fit on the string. Equipped with protection to prevent the bowstring from causing injuries to kids hand, the kids bow is assured to protect children while they indulge in their archery adventures.
【Kids Educational & Shooting Game Toys】: Children’s archery sets is a good exercise for kids’ hand-eye coordination, fine motor and accuracy skill. Archery game toys can help to promote children’s development and practice kids’ many skills while playing games. KIZJORYA toy bow and arrow set is ideal for boys girls educational toys.
【Ideal Gift for Kids】: The archery game toy is suitable for various environmental settings: indoor, outdoor, lawn, garden, etc. It is a dream toy gift for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years old boys and girls. Suitable gifts for children’s birthday, holiday, Christmas, Halloween etc. Let kids enjoy the fun of archery!

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