Calgary Sun Letters to the Editor for Friday, February 9, 2024

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Mayor Gondek claims to represent all Calgarians, as the push to have her removed begins. Here are some numbers for Her Honor. In the last election you received 156,000 votes or 19% of eligible voters or 12% of the population of Calgary. Hardly all Calgarians. Two factors contribute to this, dissatisfaction with policies and voter apathy at election time. Many politicians see that apathy and feel free to pursue their own objectives. If we don’t make the effort to cast our ballot this will always be the result .

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Respectfully, Murray Marshall 

(Voters need to actually vote if we want to see change.)

Unaware and indifferent

The mayor and council lack an important trait to understand the level to which Calgarians deem them incompetent in their governance of our great city. Self and group awareness should have these people soul searching and changing direction rather than continuing a course of indifference. The only other group of people I know to do this and get away with it were the Three Stooges. They were at least funny and could not do any harm.

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Phill Barker

(We have so many more than three stooges!)

Well versed in theft

Thursday a National Auto Theft Summit was held in Ottawa at the Government Building. Apparently Ottawa won out over Calgary for hosting this event. Lots of Liberal government officials are voicing their opinions about the thefts. One thing is for sure all the Liberal ministers are very well educated in the business of theft. Since 2015 they have been robbing Canadians of their wages, and Canada of its economy. I don’t expect an initiative will come forth solving this issue.

Douglas Cassell

(They’re accustomed to picking our pockets, that’s for sure.)

Yet another tax

Well all you Liberal NDP supporters are going to be put in quite a quandary next year when your beloved leader introduces his new and upgraded carbon tax. Starting next year gas will be up 17 to 20 cents a litre from wherever it ends up this year. So if you think groceries, gas, heating and services are high now, just wait. Along with all these wonderful things Trudeau will be giving Canadian’s, we can also expect higher crime rates as people become desperate. Eastern voters are oblivious.

Yancy Jones

(The next election is a chance for change.)

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