Calgary Sun Letters to the Editor for Thursday, February 1, 2024

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Hmm… Calgary city council didn’t waste any time voting themselves a pay raise, did they now? There is nothing like employing all the necessary steps to secure another 4-year term on council in Oct 2025? BTW, all six councillors, who voted against the 7.8 percent property tax increase back on November 23, 2023, voted in favour of this tax rebate. Unfortunately, they were out-voted by the Gondek Team.

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Donald K. Munroe

(Some members of council are clearly hoping we all have short memories when we go to vote next time.)

Poetic power

I just read that low reservoir levels in BC and Manitoba are putting a strain on hydropower production and that, combined with the unreliability of solar and wind power, I thought I’d write a poem for the occasion.

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When the wind isn’t blowing

And the sun isn’t shining

When the water’s not flowing

And our power is declining

Weather’s in constant cycle

We need energy that’s sound

In our vast land it’s vital

And it’s in great abound

Natural Gas is the one

Cleaner than you think

Without it we’re done

Possibly on the brink

It cools the heat quite a bit

And warms us in the winter

But the Feds don’t see it

PM’s not much of a thinker

Hopefully soon he’ll be gone

And that’s all fine with us

Alberta no longer a pawn

For the country, a huge plus

Maria Weiss

(This is a true gem, Maria.)

Liberals are good at some things

One thing the Liberals are very good at is talking about an issue. One thing they are very bad at is taking timely and effective action on the very issues they are talking about.   Another thing they are very good at is staging their supposed actions around election dates in such a way that they can get the voting results that they want rather than getting the most effective action for Canadians. They are also bad at the timeliness of their responses. Always too little, too late.

George Ewert

(If the opposite were true we would all be better off.)

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