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Mini fridgeMini fridge




AC/DC PlugsAC/DC Plugs

makeup fridgemakeup fridge

Cooling & Heating System

Cools up to 32°F below ambient temperature, and warms up to 150°F in an ambient temperature of 75°F.

Portable Design

It is easy to carry and store when traveling in cars and ships.

Power Up!

Includes both car and standard home outlet compatible plugs.

Mini Beauty Fridge

The revolutionary way to keep your skincare and cosmetics fresher for longer!

Mini fridgeMini fridge

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7.2″ W * 9.95″ D * 10.83″ H 10.2″*9.25″*22.4″ 9.25″ L x 11.41″ W x 13.19″ H 8.7″W*10.4″D*16.5″ H 9.83″W*12.1″D*14.2″H

4 Liter 5.5 Liter 10 Liter 12 Liter 15 Liter

White,Teal,Pink,Light yellow,Light green,Red,Black White Black, White, Chocolate Pink,Blue ,white Black, White, Chocolate

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Unit measures 7.2″ W * 9.95″ D * 10.83″ H Inner dimensions 5.3″ L * 5.5″ D * 8.3″ H Weighs 4 lbs Cooling Capacity 40ºF-45ºF Capacity 122ºF-144ºF


COMPACT & PORTABLE: Caynel cooler/warmer mini fridge chills 6 12oz. cans and is perfectly portable for personal use. It’s small size, sleek design and convenient carry handle, makes it easy to take the mini fridge with you on the go!
COOLING & WARMING: the Thermoelectric System in the Caynel mini fridge allows for easy switching from beverage cooler to food warmer! Easily choose to chill up to 45ºF or warm up to 140ºF – with the flip of a switch. Well insulated interior holds temperature even after unplugged.
GO GREEN!: the unique semiconductor operation is energy-efficient, ultra-quiet and 100% environmentally friendly. 100% Freon-Free and ETL approved with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability. Includes plugs for both 110V (AC) standard home outlets and 12V car chargers. Use at home or on the road!
MULTIFUNCTIONAL: its portable profile sports a generous 4-liter capacity. Great for personal spaces, road trips, camping and more! Includes removable shelf so you can store small items such as food, drinks and snacks. Efficient cooling temperature is perfect for skincare and beauty essentials. Store your skincare, personal care & beauty product faves!
SPECIFICATION & WARRANTY: unit measures: 7.2″ W x 9.95″ D x 10.83″ H and weighs 4 lbs. The Inner dimensions: 5.3″ L x 5.5″ D x 8.3″ H, Cooling Capacity: 40ºF-45ºF below ambient temperature, Warming Capacity: 122ºF-144ºF. ETL approved with advanced safety technology for long-lasting durability, 1-year hassle-free warranty provided by Caynel. For information on how to use your product, scroll down for a PDF user guide.

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