Cozy Neutral Tones for Dressember

Cozy Neutral Tones for Dressember

Cozy Neutral Tones for Dressember
Sustainable, Wool Heart Handwarmers | Mulxiply (c/o Bonjoy Box)

Made in Nepal by an artisan group, you just heat these babies up in the microwave and they warm up your fingers in the winter or belly when you have cramps! This is a perfect way to decrease waste while supporting artisans.

Long Haired Alpaca Pullover | A Different Fur (out of business)

Artisan-made in Peru

Artisan-made in Peru. Dyed using sustainable coloring

Convertible Maxi Dress | Seamly (c/o Fashion Revolution)

Made from waste fabric, polyester, made in the USA

Wool Crochet Handwarmers | Anthropologie

Handmade by an artisan group in Nepal. Although, being sold by Anthropologie, I doubt the artisans earned a living wage. I have seen the prices they pay to artisan groups/NGOs working with artisans when they purchase in high volume. But, I suppose this is better than not supporting artisans.)

 Black Suede Ankle Boots | hand-me-down 

Why waste and create more pollution, when you can pass something along?

2 PomPom Beanie | Free People

(not ethical; not sure why they are called “free people”)


As we are coming to the end of this year and Dressember (which I joined late), I want to thank everyone who participated and made a donation to help bring an end to human trafficking! Click here if you are still interested in making any donation amount.

As the year comes to an end, I also want to thank you all for being alive and for caring about people and the planet through consumption. This sacrifice of managing money, subduing shopping urges, going against the hobby of shopping and taking time to investigate products, the people who make them and the environmental impacts of these processes is something I truly respect. It does take time. It does make a difference not only for the environment but for traditions of hand-made products (being the volunteer director of an eco artisan group, I see this first hand). If we do nothing, nothing changes. We each have our own calling in life, which may be different, however, conscious consumption on any scale is something we can all participate in.

MOREOVER, and not fully related… goodness gracious, I began this blog in 2012… way before “beyoutiful” was a thing. Back then, people would ask me how to pronounce my blog’s name. Now every sister and her mother has “beYou” written on something, lol. Over the years, this blog has gone from an online diary of random fashion and advocacy things I was involved in, to a travel blog, to a way to receive free clothes, to an ethical fashion and faith blog. I also made a sacrifice to keep this blog running, saying no to joining my college rowing team to compete nationally(not fun). In the end, this blog greatly informed my choice to study international trade and how it impacts developing countries in graduate school which I was fully funded to do. Then God used that to bring me where I am in life, reaching out to girls and women to help them see how beautiful and loved they are in Christ. WOWWWW! So much! >.<

Thanks to those who have come along for the long-term blog ride: Jas (who you may have seen loads on my blog as a model and photographer), Erin (her blog is now on IG) and Safra of Tea n’ Honey !

To all those reading this, may God grant you peace, safety and hope this coming year. May we all become people focused on loving God and one another, instead of criticising and picking fights. May we all become more humble in our words and actions. May the Lord Jesus touch each of our hearts to know Him and be fulfilled, using our talents to bring glory to the lord. That is the purpose of life. 🙂


God bless,

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