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recurve bowrecurve bow

recurve bow setrecurve bow set

Archery for Adults Beginner

Archery for Adults Beginner

Bow and Arrow for AdultsBow and Arrow for Adults

Bow and Arrow for Adults

Archery Recurve BowArchery Recurve Bow

Hunting Bow

Traditional BowTraditional Bow

Handmade Traditional Horsebow

Archery for Training Target

【DURABLE BOW AND ARROW FOR ADULTS】Light weight recurve bow, Draw Weight: available for 30lb and 40lb, Bow Length: 53.5″ ; Brace Height: 9.8″ ; Arrow Length: 31”. Bowstring Strands: 12 strands. Targets Paper Size: 17.7*17.7″. Bow Weight: 2.2pounds.
【GOOD QUALITY ARCHERY AND ARROW SET】Durable polycarbonate nylon bow risers, sturdy Resin fiber limbs, rigorously tested for quality and use to maintain adequate resistance and stretch.
【ARCHERY BOWS FOR ADULTS AND BEGINNERS】Ambidextrous takedown recurve bow, can be used with either left hand or right hand. Easy to assemble and disassemble, package influded installation instructions.
【THIS ARCHERY SETS INCLUDE】1PC Archery Bow, 6PCS Fiberglass Arrows,1PC Bow String,1PC Bow Stringer, 1PC Arm Guard, 1PC Finger Guard, 4PCS Target Papers, 4PCS Target Nails, 1PCS installation tool .
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