Franchises Push for More Retentions, BCCI Considers Options

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is gearing up for a major revamp of its player retention policy for the upcoming seasons. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is currently finalizing the policy for the next three years, and franchises have expressed a wide range of opinions on the matter.

Retention Policy Shake-Up on the Horizon

A key point of contention is the number of players franchises can retain before the mega auction.  In the last mega auction (IPL 2021), teams were allowed to retain a maximum of four players, with a maximum of three Indian players and two overseas players.  However, this time around, most franchises are seeking more flexibility. 

The most common request is for five to seven player retentions, with one franchise even advocating for as many as eight.  On the other hand, some teams have gone in the opposite direction, suggesting the complete removal of the player retention system and relying solely on Right To Match (RTM) cards during the auction.

The BCCI has not yet revealed its decision on the retention policy, but a final announcement is expected at a meeting of IPL franchise owners later this month.  This meeting will ensure all owners have the opportunity to participate in the discussions, as some are currently unavailable due to personal commitments.

Salary Cap and Impact Player Rule Under Review

Retention policy isn’t the only aspect of the IPL undergoing revisions.  The BCCI is also consulting with franchises regarding the player purse (salary cap). While there’s no consensus yet, the prevailing view suggests the salary cap could increase to a range between Rs 110 crore and Rs 120 crore.  An even more substantial hike of Rs 20 crore from the current Rs 100 crore cap cannot be ruled out entirely.

Discussions have also touched upon the controversial Impact Player rule, which allows teams to substitute a player during a match.  While media rights holders seem satisfied with the rule’s ability to generate excitement, feedback from the playing side, particularly coaches, has been less enthusiastic.  Despite these reservations, the BCCI is likely to retain the Impact Player rule for the time being.

The upcoming franchise owner meeting and the final decisions on retention policy, salary cap, and the Impact Player rule will significantly impact the IPL landscape for the next three seasons.  With a mega auction on the horizon, these changes will influence team strategies and player acquisitions.  All eyes are now on the BCCI meeting later this month, where the future of the IPL will be shaped.

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