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I adore visiting the markets in Guatemala to get local cheese, meats, and fresh veggies; there are so many alternatives. In contrast to America, where sellers set up daily in the villages, we buy from them, as the photographs will demonstrate. Meat is hung on meat hooks just like it was in the US in the 1930s; nobody has perished as a result.

Eggs do not need to be kept on the shelf for a month and are not chilled. Love the fresh cheese every day. Pasties to die for.

There is always the question: is it organic? Most of our produce is grown in small local family gardens and farms without the use of pesticides or other toxins. Almost all produce in the US is sprayed with Apeel coating. Quietly Sprayed on Fresh Produce without Labeling. Not in Guatemala.

I’m crazy about Panajachel’s street food. Similar to San Pedro, the main street is crowded with sellers on weekends. Have I ever become ill? No, just once after I got back to the States. Restaurants maintain high standards of cleanliness and food safety.

Guatemala offers for those Vegetarians who don’t eat any food products made from meat, fish, shellfish, crustacea (such as prawns or crab), or animal by-products (such as gelatine or rennet). Vegans don’t eat any food products that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs. Many options from Markets to Restaurants in Guatemala.

Guatemala Food Quality Markets

Food prices. 10 Bananas $1.29, Fresh Cheese 1.29, a pound of Hamburger $4.12, fresh strawberries $1.29

The difference you will find is that travelers always say Wow this food tastes like food.


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