Helix Plus Mattress Receives the Helix Treatment. Helix Plus Mattress Review – Video

Helix Plus Mattress Receives the Helix Treatment. Helix Plus Mattress Review – Video

Helix Plus Mattress Receives the Helix Treatment. Helix Plus Mattress Review

So Helix is a brand recently updated their plus mattress, it looks a bit different. Nowadays, there’s a little bit more to consider about it. So we’re gonna be talking about that in a lot more in today’s video. Hey guys, I’m JD with CNET. Hopefully you’re doing well. And today we’re gonna go over the five major things that you should know about the Helix Plus mattress or at least the newly updated version of it. Keep in mind that we did receive this mattress for completely free from Helix Sleep to review. But if you happen to get something out of this video or you enjoy it in general, hit the like button or subscribe to CNET home for a lot more. The first thing you gotta know about the Helix Plus is that this is a hybrid option of a more supportive design compared to your average hybrid bed. The bed has a combination of Titan core coil on the bottom for support and higher density transition and comfort foams on top for comfort, which adds up to give this mattress an ultra supportive design. It is intended to support a substantial amount of weight on a nightly basis. I think Helix even claims that it can support 2 £500 people at once and that’s a lot of weight. We often recommend that heavier folks look into getting hybrid beds as opposed to all F ones just because coil units on the bottom provide a lot more long term support. And that’s especially the case if you’re much heavier. If you’re over the range of £300 you want an ultra supportive coil option like this just to provide your body type with the proper amount of nightly support. The second thing that you should know about Helix Plus is what this design adds up to give the bed in terms of its feel. We would say it has more of a neutral hybrid feel. Overall, it just feels like a very straightforward coil mattress with an accommodating comfortable feel that should appeal to a wide variety of sleeper types out there. To me, the updated version of the Helix Plus mattress feels a lot like the Helix Twilight model. Only a little bit more responsive and a little bit more durable. When you hop on this mattress, you’re gonna feel a good amount of pushback and resistance. But if you’re a little bit heavier, you might sink into the bed and feel it to be a bit softer than an average gel. But that leads me nicely into the third major thing that you should know about it, which is of course, its firmness. We would clock it right at a proper medium firm on scale. This is very similar to other ultra supportive hybrid options online. They’re usually around this firma ranking and that’s just because they’re designed be a little bit firmer and more supportive. So this bed’s primarily gonna be best for back and stomach sleepers. But again, if you’re a little bit heavier, it could be feeling closer to a medium for you better for all sleep styles. In general, bigger people usually sink into beds a little bit more than the average sized person finding them to be a bit softer. So that’s something to keep in mind. If you’re on the heavier side, you’re gonna probably feel a bed to be pretty soft. Now, aside from the Helix Plus mattress, having a new look that’s similar to the six other Helix core mattresses. This update also introduced the Helix Plus Lux and the Helix Plus Elite into the Helix lineup. So you’ve got two other versions of the Helix Plus mattress to consider. Nowadays, both featuring a more pronounced pillow top feel and I believe those beds even have a little bit of a zone support feature. So if you have nightly back pain, those options could be worth looking into. And if you didn’t know already Helix is a brand probably makes the most amount of mattresses compared to any other online mattress brand. They make so many in fact that they offer an online sleep quiz, you basically fill out a short questionnaire. It asks you a series of questions related to your BM I your sleeping preferences. And at the end, it basically spits out the right mattress for you based on the answers you submit. And it kind of takes all the guesswork out of it since Helix’s lineup is so extensive. Nowadays, we try to link that Helix sleep quiz down below in the description box if you’re interested in taking it for yourself. But the fifth and final thing that you got to know about this newly updated Helix plus core model is its price point. Keep in mind that this pricing stuff does change for ma depending on the time of year you decide to buy. So this is as of when I’m recording this, but you can currently pick up a Helix plus and a queen size for around the $1200 range after discount. Considering that other ultra supportive hybrid beds go upwards of the $2000 mark. I think you’re getting a solid bang for your buck here. You’re getting an ultra supportive hybrid mattress at a decent price point. We’ll try to link any discounts we can find for the Helix plus mattress down below in the description box. We definitely wanna help save you the most amount of money possible on it. But that leaves us with the question who is ultimately gonna be best for this mattress or the newly updated version of the Helix Plus, I’d say check it out if you’re on the heavier side and you’re looking for an ultra supportive hybrid option with a neutral feel that’s slightly firmer. And you want something that’s pretty reasonably priced for a bed of this supportive caliber. Again, beds like Sava HD big fig, they go for far more and I think this bed is even more affordably priced than the Titan Plus, which is a solid value in and of itself. So keep that in mind pretty good pricing for the Helix Plus nowadays, what do you think of this newly updated Helix Plus? Do you like it? Love it or hate it? Write down below in the comments. We would love to know what you think if you happen to enjoy this video or you got something out of it. Drop a like on this video and consider subscribing to cnet home for so much more. Hit the description box if you want to see my full written review that I recently did on this mattress, but that is gonna do it for me. I’m JD with CNET and like always we’ll see you in the next one.

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