Is Edikted Fast Fashion? Brand Analysis and Alternatives

Is Edikted Fast Fashion? Brand Analysis and Alternatives

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Edikted is a Gen-Z-orientated online retailer, creating the latest fashion styles influenced by emerging Instagram and tik tok trends. The brand keeps up with these trends by weekly releasing new collections and styles. But, we ask the question, ‘Is Edikted fast fashion?’

With nine out of ten Gen Z consumers believing that brands have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues, we must understand whether brands are really ethical and working toward a sustainable supply chain or whether they’re joining the greenwashing club and misleading their consumers.

Let’s find out.

Is Edikted Fast Fashion?

Yes, Edikted is a fast fashion brand. Edikted falls into the fast fashion category because it produces hundreds of styles of low-quality clothing to follow rapidly changing trends and retails its clothing for a low price. When researching, we found tops available for less than $6.

The brand also hosts regular ‘flash sales’ to promote its customers to buy more clothing. Selling clothes for such a low price encourages customers to purchase more clothing, fuelling the clothing consumption problem we’re currently experiencing.

Is Edikted Fast Fashion? Brand Analysis and Alternatives
[Source] Flash Sales encourage the overconsumption of clothing

Edikted states that rather than carry a large inventory like usual fast fashion brands, it uses a ‘try and repeat model’ – where it releases styles and then scales the production based on demand. However, even with this mode of production, the brand is still a fast fashion brand.

What Materials Does Edikted Use?

Although Edikted states that they’ve made it their mission to focus on sustainability ‘in the hopes of making our earth a cleaner and happier place for future generations’ – they seem to be missing a big part of the picture by not prioritizing sustainable materials.

When researching the brand, the most common materials Edikted use is polyester and cotton, two of the most un-environmentally friendly materials you can use.

Polyester is not biodegradable and relies heavily on fossil fuels to produce. In addition, cotton has the highest pesticide usage compared to any other fiber crop, which leads to soil damage and pollution of the ground and waterways.

We couldn’t find any use for more sustainable alternatives such as organic cotton, BCI cotton, recycled cotton, or recycled polyester. For a fashion brand claiming it is trying to be more sustainable, we would expect that the brand would prioritize using more sustainable materials.

One improvement the brand has made is to use recyclable polybags and recyclable cardboard for its shipments.

Is Edikted Carbon Neutral?

No, Edikted doesn’t state that it is a carbon-neutral brand. Furthermore, the brand doesn’t publish any transparent information about its carbon emissions or any information about whether it is working to reduce them across its supply chain.

Is Edikted Ethical?

Edikted states that it ensures a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and garment workers within its supply chain; the brand also says that no forced or child labor is used and that workers are paid fair wages.

However, the brand fails to provide evidence, such as certifications or audit scores, to support these claims. The brand doesn’t share whether its suppliers are audited or the results of those audit scores. Because the brand provides no easily accesible information, we cannot verify whether the brand is actually ethical.

Is Edikted ethical? Brands ethical claims
[Source] Unfortunately Edikted doesn’t publish any accessible information to back up these claims

Edikted also doesn’t disclose other health and safety standards such as chemical usage, safety protocols, or waste disposal.

An improvement would be for the brand to disclose more information about its ethical code of conduct, if it has one, and demonstrate that its suppliers meet the standards set within the code.

Where are Edikted’s Clothes Made?

Unfortunately, Edikted doesn’t share transparent information about where its clothes are made. For example, the brand doesn’t share whether it has supply chain traceability (which means it knows the origin of the materials it uses and where its clothes are made) or which suppliers it works with.

Again, the lack of information by the brand makes it hard as a consumer to trust claims that it ensures ethical working across all of its supply chains.

Is Edikted Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

The brand doesn’t say it’s vegan or cruelty-free, and despite there not being an animal welfare policy on their website, we couldn’t find any leather, wool, or other animal fibers used by the brand.

The lack of animal fibers, however, doesn’t mean that the brand is entirely vegan, as it may still use vegan glues or other animal substances within its clothing.

Does Edikted Have A Clothing Recycling Program?

No, Edikted doesn’t offer a clothing recycling program. A clothing recycling program allows customers to recycle their old garments into new products rather than sending them to landfills.

Ecothes Opinion: Is Edkited Fast Fashion?

Is Edikted Fast Fashion?

Overall we rate Edikted a poor score of 1/5.

The brand is a fast fashion brand, and we see the brand’s sustainability message as a greenwashing tactic.

What we liked:

✔ The brand uses recyclable packaging

What we didn’t like:

❌ Lack of sustainable materials used when the brand claims they are working to be more sustainable.

❌ The lack of transparency surrounding where its clothes are made.

❌ No transparency on whether safe working conditions are met in its factories.

❌ No indication that workers are paid a living wage.

❌ No indication the brand is working to reduce its GHG emissions.

Looking for Something Better? Check Out These 4 Sustainable Alternatives to Edikted

Below we’ve highlighted some of our favorite sustainable brands that are great ethical alternatives to Edikted.

1. Girlfriend

Sustainability: Leggings, tops, and sweatshirts made from recycled plastic bottles

Best for: Sustainable streetwear-style, sustainable denim

Ships to: Worldwide

2. Afends

Afends ethical alternatives to fast fashion brands

Sustainability: Organic and natural fibers, ethical production practices

Best for: Sustainable streetwear style, sustainable denim

Ships to: Worldwide

3. Pangaia

Pangaia sustainable alternatives to fast fashion brand Edikted

Sustainability: Ethical basics created from responsibly sourced cotton

Best for: Hoodies, sweats, relaxed t-shirts

Ships to: Worldwide

4. Dinner Service NY

The Phoenix Brand

Sustainability: Plastic-free clothing brand using organic and natural fibers and ethical production

Best for: t-shirts, bowling shirts

Ships to: the US (free shipping) & International

Wrapping Up: Is Edikted Fast Fashion

If you’re surprised to find that Editked is a fast fashion brand, you may also want to know if other popular brands are also fast fashion retailers. 

Find out if Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Brandy Melville, Zaful, and Romwe, are also fast fashion brands. 

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