Is Nasty Gal Fast Fashion? How Ethical is Nasty Gal? Let’s Discuss.

Is Nasty Gal Fast Fashion? How Ethical is Nasty Gal? Let’s Discuss.

Is Nasty Gal Fast Fashion? How Ethical is Nasty Gal? Let’s Discuss.

These days, everyone can be an entrepreneur and go big with their small business, and this is how we got Nasty Gal. Little did we know that the term “Girl Boss” was popularized by Nasty Gal’s founder who went big with her small business that was initially a used clothes reseller. Now that Nasty Gal is big, we can check whether the business is sustainable, or nay-sty.

Using our criteria, we will determine whether Nasty Gal is trustworthy for being sustainable. Not only that, but we will also rate them for transparency, fair labor, and much more. A brand needs to score at least 50 points to be deemed sustainable. Let’s jump in.

Not Sustainable Enough: Is Nasty Gal Fast Fashion?

Sadly, yes.

Nasty Gal is part of Boohoo Group, the biggest fast fashion retailer and promoter in the UK. Boohoo Group bought Nasty Gal in 2017 after the latter filed for bankruptcy. Boohoo Group already faced environmental critics with their avid promotion of fast fashion.

An illustration for a garment factory, image by Kevin Lindri from Unsplash
(Image by Kevin Limbri from Unsplash)

Sustainability and Environmental Impact: Is Nasty Gal Sustainable?


Nasty Gal has no information on their supplier or their materials. Although the Boohoo Group is a member of Better Cotton and Cotton Connect, they don’t announce the usage of any organic or sustainable materials. 

Boohoo Group also denied receiving products from certain areas in China due to environmental risks. However, Boohoo also claimed that they received material and sourcing from said area. Boohoo, be better!

What Materials Does Nasty Gal Use?

Boohoo group claimed that they mostly incorporate cotton for their clothing production. Yet, they’re not using organic, recycled, or any form of sustainable cotton. Both Boohoo and Nasty Gal don’t disclose the amount of regular cotton used for their production either.

Nasty Gal also utilizes polyester in a lot of their products, like their swimsuits. While they claimed that the polyester is recycled, they didn’t disclose where they resourced or recycled the polyester. 

Is Nasty Gal Carbon Neutral?


Nasty Gal doesn’t state their commitments towards the environment or sustainability. Similarly, they don’t cover the amount of waste they produce. Boohoo Group has sustainability targets, but the targets have yet to be fulfilled since their reports remain unclear about the progress.

Does Nasty Gal Have A Clothing/Shoe Recycling Program?


Despite all the sweet potential of their products, Nasty Gal and their parent company don’t have any recycling programs. This is due to their stance towards hyping up fast fashion. Instead of shopping for fast fashion, you can try these brands that recycle their products.

An illustration of someone picking a dress, image by Artem Beliaikin from Unsplash
(image by Artem Beliaikin from Unsplash)

How Ethical is Nasty Gal?

Nasty Gal is sketchy when it comes to ethical matters. Nasty Gal had several controversies in their workplace, from firing pregnant employees to toxic work environment. There are no clear indications of a healthy working environment or how the company treats their workers.

Other than that, their parent company Boohoo has controversies surrounding problems stemming from fast fashion, like overproduction and shady labor practices. 

Where are Nasty Gal Clothes Made?

Boohoo claimed that most Nasty Gal clothes are produced in the UK, mainly in Leicester, London, and Manchester. Although the UK has reasonable labor laws, malpractices still happen in the facilities. Garment workers at the facilities reported that they got paid as little as £3.50 an hour.

Animal Welfare: Is Nasty Gal Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

Both Boohoo and Nasty Gal never claimed that they utilize vegan or cruelty-free materials for their products. They have collections of real leather jackets, yet never mention whether they resource the leather ethically. What a nasty move.

inside of a fast fashion store

How Sustainable is Nasty Gal? Nasty Gal’s Brand Rating

Now, let’s see how Nasty Gal performed with our criteria for rating ethical and sustainable brands…

Transparency Score: 0/14

Nasty Gal doesn’t give us clear information about their supply chain. Other than that, we mostly discover their faults through the media.

Fair Labor Score: 0/33

This is their worst record. In office or on the field, they have been controversial when it comes to better workplace and workforce treatment. They need to do better.

Sustainably Made Score: 0/49

It’s a hat trick. Nasty Gal has no information about their materials. Even with a lower bar, there are no Nasty Gal products made from sustainable or recycled materials. 

Our Principles: -45

This brand doesn’t meet any of our principles because they are fast fashion, they don’t inspire us, and we don’t trust them. All of this together earned them negative points in our criteria. It’s a long way to go to build a better reputation for this brand.

Nasty Gal Overall Score: Say Goodbye to Fast Fashion

Overall, with those factors considered, Nasty Gal got -45 from us. This is the lowest possible score a brand could achieve.

Nasty Gal has proved itself not viable enough to be a thoughtful and eco-conscious brand. Don’t get nasty, get better.

Ethical Alternatives to Nasty Gal

You don’t need to buy tons of fast fashion hauls to look cool. Looking to be rad without harming the environment? Fret no more, we can name you 4 of our trusted stylish brands that offer you sustainable and fashionable choices!

1) Kotn

ethical alternative to nasty gal: a model showcasing Kotn top

If you want sustainable yet stylish urbanwear, then Kotn can offer you that. Made from certified sustainable cotton and natural materials, Kotn offers you breathable and fashionable attire.

Learn more about Kotn.

2) Colorful Standard

sustainable alternative to nasty gal: a model showcasing Colorful Standard sweater

Wear your bold colors with Colorful Standard. Colorful Standard covers your need for bold sustainable urban and casual wear. They raised the standard higher with their eco-friendly dyes too.

Learn more about Colorful Standard.

3) Wolven

A model showcasing Wolven attire

Looking for a fit fitting for Coachella? Wolven can help you with that. Wolven has a selection of stylish casualwear with neat designs, colors, and patterns. You can sell or buy preloved Wolven too!

Learn more about Wolven.

4) Marimekko

A model showcasing Marimekko's patterned dress

Finland offers you the best education as well as sustainable drip with Marimekko. Marimekko uses organic and recycled materials for their products. The best part is their attires come in cute designs and patterns!

Learn more about Marimekko.

Looking for More Top Sustainable Fashion Brands?

Looking for better brands than Nasty Gal? Then look no further than Eco-Stylist! We offer over 100 great sustainable brands with clothes and shoes that are all responsibly sourced, with ethical and sustainable materials!

Ready to ditch fast fashion and build the sustainable wardrobe of your dreams? Try our personal styling service to get hand-picked clothes just for you.

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