Is YesStyle Fast Fashion? Brand Analysis & Alternatives

Is YesStyle Fast Fashion? Brand Analysis & Alternatives

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Are you wondering is YesStyle fast fashion? Or is YesStyle ethical? Then we’ve got you covered.

We take a deep dive into this well known ecommerce brand to assess their sustainable credentials (if any), show you where its clothes are made, and what materials the brand uses.

By the end, you’ll know whether or not you want to make the choice to shop there. Ready? Let’s jump in.

Ecothes Opinion: Overall Sustainability Score

Is YesStyle Fast Fashion?

We give YesStyle a terrible score of 0.5/5.

What we liked

❌ Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything we liked about the brand regarding sustainability or ethical production.

What we didn’t like

❌ The brand isn’t doing enough (if anything!) to reduce its carbon footprint or help reduce its partnered brands’ GHG emissions.

❌ We were appalled at how little information was given by Yesstyle regarding where clothes are made.

❌ We didn’t like the greenwashing tactics used by Yesstyle in its YS collection and found this to be highly misleading.

About YesStyle

Yesstyle is an online business to consumer marketplace that stocks clothing, beauty products, and accessories from Asian businesses to the rest of the world.

Founded in 2006 by Joshua K. Lau, Yesstyle is now owned by ecommerce company YesAsia Holdings Limited.

Cutting to the Chase: Is Yesstyle Fast Fashion?

In short… Yes. We consider Yesstyle a fast fashion brand. While the company may not be creating each item that the marketplace sells, the brand follows a fast fashion business model by selling an extensive collection of garments with rapidly changing styles.

Yesstyle releases new items on its website daily, and regularly relies on flash sales and heavily discounted items to clear stock and encourage people to buy more.

For example, during our research, we found that Yesstyle had a whopping 535,221 womenswear items available — yikes!

It’s a well-known fact that the fast fashion industry relies heavily on psychology and encouraging the harmful habit of impulse buying.

Research has found that flash sales and time-limited deals instill a sense of urgency in the buyer, prompting them to buy more when they may not necessarily need to, something we regularly see YesStyle doing. Of course, YesStyle isn’t the only brand doing this, it’s a process that’s rife among similar fast fashion brands like Cider.

What Materials Does YesStyle Use?

The clothing available on Yesstyle is mainly made from cotton, polyester, and elastane materials.

The brand has a collection called YS by YesStyle, where it claims that garments are made with some eco-friendly materials like organic cotton or recycled polyester.

However, when we checked through most of the YS products, we still found large percentages of virgin polyester being used… It looks and sounds a lot like greenwashing to us.

Is YesStyle Carbon Neutral?

No, Yesstyle is not a carbon-neutral brand. The brand doesn’t give any information about its carbon emissions, and Yesstyle doesn’t provide any plans to try and reduce its GHG emissions.

Is YesStyle Ethical?

Unfortunately, there is no information accessible on the Yesstyle website about where clothes are made or whether brands must meet a code of ethical conduct.

In addition, many brands are based in Taiwan and China, where garment workers are known to be often exploited. While there’s no evidence that YesStyle uses child labour, we would need far more transparency before considering shopping on the platform.

Due to the lack of transparency shown by Yesstyle, we can’t say that its an ethical brand.

Where are YesStyle Clothes Made?

Worryingly, there is no information on YesStyle’s website about where clothes are made.

Buried deep in the YesStyle website is a blog post that says it sources clothing mainly from South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and China, but doesn’t give any further information about the factories or working conditions of its suppliers.

Therefore we are led to assume YesStyle is not adhering to any ethical production standards, safe working conditions, or fair wages among its brands.

Is YesStyle Cruelty-Free?

Again there is no mention of any animal policy on the Yesstyle website. Therefore we cannot say the brand is cruelty-free. If a cruelty free approach matters to you, make sure to check out our vegan guides.

Does YesStyle Have A Clothing Recycling Program?

No, YesStyle does not have a clothing recycling program.

4 Sustainable Alternatives to Yesstyle

There are lots of slow fashion brands you can support which have a transparent supply chain and are using sustainable materials.

Take a look at our favorite alternatives to YesStyle below.

1. Pact

Pact sustainable alternatives to YesStyle

Sustainability: Ethical production in fair trade certified factories. GOTS certified organic cotton.

Best for: Affordable, sustainable fashion. Organic basics including t-shirts, dresses, shirts

Ships to: Worldwide

Is YesStyle Fast Fashion? Brand Analysis & Alternatives

2. Reformation

Reformation alternatives to is YesStyle fast fashion

Sustainability: Dreamy sustainable clothing brand using recycled materials, natural fibers, and ethical production. Carbon-neutral certified.

Best for: Dresses, blouses, jumpsuits

Ships to: Worldwide


3. Mate the Label

Mate The Label sustainable clothing

Sustainability: Made in Los Angeles using organic and eco-friendly fabrics

Best for: Loungewear, t-shirts

Ships to: the US

Mate The Label

4. Kotn


Sustainability: Certified B Corp using ethically sourced cotton, and sustainable production practices

Best for: Denim, pants, tops, dresses

Ships to: Worldwide


Are you wondering if those other clothing brands are fast fashion? Find out with our other brand ratings, including Nasty gal, Banana Republic, Romwe, and Zaful.

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