Keshav Maharaj predicts his 4 semifinalists of the T20 World Cup 2024

Keshav Maharaj predicts his 4 semifinalists of the T20 World Cup 2024

Keshav Maharaj predicts his 4 semifinalists of the T20 World Cup 2024

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 has now entered the Super 8 stage, where the remaining teams are battling fiercely to secure a place in the semifinals. With the stakes higher than ever, each team is striving to perform at its best, hoping to inch closer to lifting the coveted trophy. The Super 8 stage promises intense matches and thrilling cricket as fans eagerly watch their favorite teams compete for glory.

Keshav Maharaj reveals his semi-final predictions

South African spinner Keshav Maharaj has shared his predictions for the four teams he believes will make it to the semifinals of the tournament. Firstly, he expressed his optimism for the South African cricket team, reflecting on their performance in the previous year’s 50-over World Cup.

Maharaj highlighted that the team has built a strong foundation from their past experiences and developed something special. He conveyed his aspiration for the team to potentially raise the trophy in the future, indicating his belief in their continued growth and success.

“I wanna go with South Africa, I think we built on what we produced last year in 50 over World Cup. I thing we’ve got something special as a team coming on who knows what future lies in store for obviously one day raising that trophy,” said Maharaj in a video shared by Rajasthan Royals.

A team to watch out for

Discussing India‘s prospects, Maharaj noted that they are one of the top favorites due to their balanced team composition. He emphasized that India have managed to assemble one of the most well-rounded squads, which positions them as formidable contenders in any cricket tournament. This balance, according to Maharaj, makes India a team to watch out for in upcoming competitions.

“I think India is obviously one of the huge favourites from a balanced perspective, they are probably one of the better balance teams,” added Maharaj.

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A team that can’t be written off

Turning to Australia, Maharaj acknowledged their perennial strength in World Cup tournaments. He pointed out that Australia have a unique ability to perform exceptionally well on the big stage, describing it as an ability to ‘flick a switch.’ This comment underscores the consistency and competitive spirit of the Australian team, which makes them a top candidate in his view.

“I will never write off Australia, so I’ll say they are one of the top candidates. Something about them in World Cups, they know how to flick a switch,” explained the Proteas spinner.

The home advantage

Finally, Maharaj mentioned the West Indies as his fourth choice, particularly highlighting their recent performances. He noted that some players from the West Indies have significantly shone in the last three to four years. Additionally, he mentioned the advantage of playing in their hometown, which can boost their performance.

“And the fourth one, I’m gonna say West Indies. Hometown, they have got some guys who have really really shone in the last three to four years,” Maharaj added further.

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