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Product Description

 Kitchen Appliance Sliders Kitchen Appliance Sliders


– Material: PTFE (Teflon) + Rubber + EVA

– Diameter: 0.75’’ / 19mm

– Thickness: 6mm

– Color: Black

– Please check the size compatibility before purchasing.

Appliance SlidersAppliance Sliders

– Shintop 16pcs kitchen appliance sliders make it easier to move bulky heavy appliances on kitchen work surfaces in one hand, improved your daily life. These are a alternative to the sliding tray. They take up less space, perfect size to hide underneath the appliances.

– Compare to the sliding tray or appliances mat, these appliance sliders are more cost-effective and practical choice : save space, invisible, large quantity, easy to use, wide compatibility.

Appliance MoverAppliance Mover

Three layers of materials

– The smooth surface of the PTFE (Teflon) layer makes the machine easily glide.

– The rubber layer absorbs shock and pressure.

– The EVA foam adhesive with strong adhesion, easy to install.

Countertop Appliance slidersCountertop Appliance sliders

Appliance Sliders for Kitchen Appliances

– These small appliance sliders make your kitchen appliances glide easily to wherever you need them, makes routine cleaning effortless.

– Appliance mover help heavy appliance slide around with ease in any direction and with no scraping on the counters.

Small Appliance Sliders Small Appliance Sliders

– Wide applications on kitchen cooking aids: Air fryers, Grill, Pressure Cooker, Coffee Makers, Blenders, Bread Machine, Mixers, Microwave, Pressure Cooker, Sewing machine and More.

Effortlessly Move Heavy Appliances – Move your kitchen appliances with ease using our appliance sliders. The small size provides excellent weight distribution, allowing you to easily slide your appliances in and out without having to lift them up
❥Space-Saving and Practical – Our countertop appliance slider is a space-saving alternative to bulky sliding trays. It moves effortlessly and quietly, and its perfect size allows it to be hidden underneath your appliances, keeping your kitchen clean and organized
❥Protect Your Surface from Scratches – Our kitchen appliance slider helps move heavy appliances around with ease in any direction and with no scraping on the counters. It also raises appliances so they don’t sit directly on work surfaces, prolonging the service life of kitchen work benches and machines
❥3 Layers Material – Our mixer slider is made of 3 layers, including a smooth PTFE (Teflon) layer for easy gliding, a shock-absorbing rubber layer, and a strong EVA foam adhesive for easy installation. With a set of 16pcs, the quantity is enough to most appliances
Wide Application – Our appliance mover is suitable for various small kitchen appliances as well as small tables, helps the device and furniture glide effortlessly. Perfect for stand mixer, coffee maker, coffee pot, air fryer, food processor, pressure cooker, toaster oven and more

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