'Knight Flower' claims top ratings spot despite Lunar New Year break; 'Doctor Slump' hits all-time low |

‘Knight Flower’ claims top ratings spot despite Lunar New Year break; ‘Doctor Slump’ hits all-time low |

As ‘Knight Flower’ gracefully strides into its final week, the drama continues to dominate the ratings, securing its position as the undisputed champion of its time slot. Despite the festive distractions of the Lunar New Year holiday, viewers fervently tuned in to catch the latest developments in this captivating series.
The narrative of ‘Knight Flower’ revolves around Cho Yeo Hwa, portrayed by Lee Ha-nee, who leads a double life. By day, she carries the weight of widowhood, belonging to one of the most esteemed noble families. However, as night falls, she transforms into Hero, a mysterious figure leaping over walls to aid the helpless. It’s in this secretive role that she encounters Park Soo Ho, played by Lee Jong-won, a dashing senior officer in the Capital Guard. As their paths intertwine, Soo Ho soon realizes that the enigmatic Hero and the seemingly ordinary Yeo Hwa conceal secrets far beyond their appearances suggest.
On February 10, the show witnessed a remarkable surge in its already impressive viewership ratings, according to data from Nielsen Korea. With an average nationwide rating of 12.9 percent for its latest episode, ‘Knight Flower’ once again claimed the throne as the top-rated program in its time slot.
In stark contrast, ‘Doctor Slump’ experienced a noticeable decline, plummeting to an all-time low of 3.7 percent for its fifth episode. The struggle for ratings continued for ‘Captivating the King’, albeit with a modest climb to a nationwide average of 4.7 percent for its eighth episode. While the drama landscape witnessed fluctuations, one constant remained, ‘Live Your Own Life’ retained its crown as Saturday night’s most-watched program, boasting an impressive average nationwide rating of 16.2 percent.
However, the holiday festivities led to a hiatus for ‘Flex x Cop’, ‘Korea-Khitan War’, and ‘My Happy Ending’, as they opted not to air new episodes. Fans eagerly anticipate the return of these beloved dramas, with all three slated to resume their regular programming next weekend.

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