Lake Atitlan Mayan Nose Sunrise Hike

Lake Atitlan Mayan Nose Sunrise Hike

Lake Atitlan Mayan Nose Hike

Indian Nose Lake Atitlan Officially Renamed The Mayan Nose For years Tourists have come to Lake Atitlan Guatemala for the view, the hiking, climbing San Pedro Volcano and one of the best early-morning hikes is to climb what has always been called The Indian’s Nose a viewpoint which sits at 2,863 meters offering views of the pueblos of San Pedro, Santa Clara, and San Marcos.

Lake Atitlan Mayan Nose Sunrise Hike

The Mayan Nose

Its name originated from the fact the profile of the mountain looks like a sleeping Indian with the viewpoint as its nose.

Lake Atitlan is rich in Mayan Culture and Tradition as such the name Indian Indian Nose has always been a cultural misrepresentation of this Tourist Landmark around Lake Atitlan. You will now find Tour Guides, Hotel Owners, Shuttle Services and the Lake Atitlan Boat Captains have all begun calling Indian Nose The Mayan Nose.

“We are not North American Indians” one boat captain shouted at me one day as we crossed Lake Atitlan from Pana to San Pedro. This is true this Landmark is representative of the Mayan Culture.

The Mayan Nose is a very popular early morning hike for those seeking to see a sunrise over Lake Atitlan. The hike begins at 4:00 in the morning and takes a couple of hours to reach the summit.

A word of advice in picking a guide to take you to the top of “The Mayan Nose”. Some Tour Companies are only taking guests partway up the mountain and then stopping claiming this is the hike to “The Mayan Nose”. It is not! Ask before you book any tours for “The Mayan Nose”.

The Mayan Nose

The Mayan Nose

We recommend Guatemala Sur Mesure as one of the top guides around Lake Atitlan that will take you on an Authentic Guatemala experience.

Lake Atitlan Mayan Sunrise Hike

Lake Atitlan sunrises are the best moments in life where all our senses are hyper-aware of just how wonderful life can be, these are the moments that stay with us forever— a moment where nothing else matters but what you are experiencing in the here and now.

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