Letters to the editor, June 1, 2024: ‘Bad policy makes for bad roads’

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The reason the roads are in such a mess is complete policy failure of the transportation/roads department. They don’t mill enough of the road surface down, causing premature cracking and flaking. Secondly, the fact the roads department isn’t doing the required compaction tests or followups on utility digups is causing sink holes all over the city. It’s another massive policy failure and massive safety issue for motorcycles/cyclists and vehicles. It’s appalling!


(Some of our roads are in a sorry state. Regarding the causes, we’ll have to take your word for it.)

Not welcome here

So, there are rumours that Mr. Dressup, Justin Trudeau, is coming to Calgary to bless us with his presence at the Calgary Stampede. No, thank you. Where’s Danielle Smith? This unwelcome punisher of Canadians is not wanted here. Trudeau is a persona non grata in Alberta, the land of the free. Trudeau should stay in eastern Canada with his fans.

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(His fans certainly appear to be few and far between in Wild Rose Country.)

Simple solution

Here is a remedy for the homeless people on the CTrains. Bring back all those extra cars for the four-car trains that are not being used and use just those extra cars to house the homeless people so they have their own cars and are not disturbing the other passengers. That way they can go on their scenic journeys and not bother the paying customers. They could even take out some of the seats, so the homeless people can lie down and rest.


(Let’s hope something a little more permanent is in the works.)

Yes-or-no question

Obviously, Mayor (Jyoti) Gondek and Coun. (Gian-Carlo) Carra know nothing about city council decorum. Coun. (Dan) McLean put a yes-or-no question to the city chief operating officer about the federal funds received and if voting no on rezoning would have affected receiving those funds. Instead of allowing the employee to answer the question, both Gondek and Carra spoke out of turn, trying to suppress his answer. Coun. McLean should have insisted the COO answer the question, not the two ignoramuses.


(Decorum is in short supply in council chambers these days.)

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