Living Magic — FASHION me GREEN

Living Magic — FASHION me GREEN

Living Magic — FASHION me GREEN

Do you listen to the podcast How I Built This? When I’m roadtrippin’, I just let the episodes flow from one to the next. I love hearing the inspiring stories of how people followed their passions and their drive to create something of value- not only to themselves but to many others. And the host, Guy Raz, always asks one final question of his accomplished guests: ‘How much do you attribute your success to hard work and to luck?’ 

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Most of them say it’s a combination of both. That feels about right. But what I want to shed light on is the idea that Source is always bringing us what we want. Aligning the cooperative components to set us up for what we desire to experience and create. If we are a vibrational match, ‘things just fall into place’, which feels like luck. I call it magic. Magical moments are eagerly waiting to burst on the scene with stardust and rainbows in their wake! Well, not really, but they are ever ready, because Source is also ever ready to accommodate us- if we allow it.

I’m still adjusting the training wheels on this concept, though I have seen it working in my own life. There is living magic all around us and when we tune into it with higher vibrations and thoughts shit happens. Amazing, seemingly crazy coincidences, awesome introductions, gut nudges at the right time, etc all flow effortlessly. It really is, well… magical. 

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