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Renowned musician Colson Baker, better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly, has given his fans an exclusive peek into the transformation of his tattoo canvas. The 33-year-old artist took to Instagram this week, sharing a revealing Reel that captures the intensive process behind his striking blackout tattoo.

Starting a new chapter, MGK’s latest body art venture is a compelling turnaround from his previous designs, shrouding his shoulders, chest, and arms in dark ink. Narrating his metamorphosis, he playfully prompts his followers with a teaser in his post, “So…what else should I get now,” setting the stage for more to come.

The intense footage uncovers MGK enduring the painful sessions, highlighting the bleeding lines etched across his skin and his subsequent recovery in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, thought to speed up the healing process. “Today marks the day that I start the physical change of my body. Let’s see what this turns out to be,” declares the father and musical maverick at the outset of his transformation.

MGK’s Reel serves as a video diary, detailing his endurance through seven grueling sessions over a fortnight. “This is the most pain sh*t I’ve ever experienced in my life,” he confesses to his audience during the ordeal.

The blackout tattoos were first revealed to the world in a shirtless Instagram post in February, which MGK described as for “spiritual purposes only.” The artist extended his gratitude to the tattooist ROXX for the work. Notably, MGK has also marked a new era in his career, streamlining his stage name to ‘mgk’ on streaming platforms.

The symbolism behind the new tattoos remains largely shrouded in mystery, though MGK candidly wove them into the lyrics of his latest single, “Don’t Let Me Go,” with a revealing line, “I had a breakdown and tatted my entire body except one line.”

The significance of the tattoos resonates personally for MGK, noted by his partner, actress Megan Fox. In her appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Fox teases, “He has a really special story behind why he did that.” Reflecting on the emotional conflict tied to his former tattoos, Fox praises MGK’s fresh ink as “very art,” lauding it as reminiscent of fashion icon Rick Owens’ designs, “elevated” and “ahead of its time.”

With these developments, MGK’s evolution, both artistically and in life, continues to captivate fans worldwide, signaling a shift not only in his physical appearance but potentially signifying a new direction in his artistic vision.


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