Mornings on Lake Atitlan + SATVA Organic Cotton Yogawear Review

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Not ethically produced

Okay, so I would never consider myself a gym rat nor an exercise addict (no, that was the old me). Now, I work out for the adrenaline rush and because I know that it is a great way to control stress (thank you, grad school). As an ethical fashion blogger, I make my casual fashion purchasing decisions ethically, however, I haven’t yet ventured into exercise apparel. When I received an email from the ecofashion exercise apparel and yogawear brand Satva, asking to review a few pieces, of course I said yes! I especially find their scholarship program (India GiveBack Programcool because it provides education scholarships to children of farmers who harvest the cotton used in this apparel!

So for a short review, I love love love these bottoms. I use them for running, going out, and for pilates and they don’t sag in any place (unlike my older capri from Satva). The white top is a cotton blend, which is super soft to the touch and the mesh back is perfect for heavy sweating bodies, like mine. As for the black crop, it’s great for people with flat chests, but isn’t very elastic, so I wouldn’t recommend it for someone with heavy bust. It also has removable padding which is great for you laddies who need help hiding the lady nips. hehe. That’s that for my review of their product. I asked for more info on their brand multiple times but they never got back to me, so all I am going to review is the clothes quality for now. Well, I’m off to get my sweat on! Tootles!

What are your favorite ethically made activewear brands?

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