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kitchen fire Extinguisher kitchen fire Extinguisher

Always In Reach Always In Reach

Compact Camping Fire Extinguisher Compact Camping Fire Extinguisher

Garage Fire Extinguisher Garage Fire Extinguisher

fire Extinguisher fire Extinguisher

Easy and Convenient- Our fire extinguishers for the house kitchen, car and boat is light, compact, easy to store and use. Easy install kitchen fire extinguisher wall mount included. Just grab, pull the tab, aim and spray.
All Types of Fires – Our water based fire extinguisher car and kitchen are effective on solid materials: trash, wood, paper, textiles, and fabric; combustible liquids, such as petroleum, diesel; electrically charged material, and cooking oil and grease fires.
Unique Design for Accurate Aim – The upgraded nozzle on our fire extinguisher for kitchen, small appliances and car fire extinguisher is designed to ensure a strong, accurate spray for a distance of 6-8 feet in the pointed direction. Small, accurate and strong to put out fires in cramped areas.
Safe and Easy Clean – A+ SAFETY single use, eco-friendly small fire extinguisher for car is non-toxic and safe to handle and inhale. The water-based solution of the portable fire extinguishers enables a quick and easy clean up after use.
Keep your family safe – Your safety is our priority. A+ SAFETY fire spray extinguisher should be stored in your kitchen, car, boat, RV, garage, work, grill, campground – anywhere within arms reach to be used in case of fire emergency.
A+ SAFETY – Your portable home and truck fire extinguisher is for 4 years after the production date printed on the bottom of the fire extinguisher spray can. Our small fire extinguisher home expires 4 years after the printed date.

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