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pro 4 litre black mini fridge subcoldpro 4 litre black mini fridge subcold

pro 4 litre black mini fridge subcoldpro 4 litre black mini fridge subcold


pro 4 litre bclack mini fridge subcoldpro 4 litre bclack mini fridge subcold

pro 4 litre white mini fridge subcoldpro 4 litre white mini fridge subcold

Quality Build

Equipped with an advanced 2.5A cooling chip providing optimum performance. Features durable PP matt finished door with chrome handle.

Flexible Storage

Includes 1 removable shelf inside in case you need to store larger items. Plus a handy shelf on the inside of the door for extra storage.


Luxury Leather Carry Handle makes it easier to take it anywhere with you. It is lightweight weighing only 4.73 lbs.

mini fridgemini fridge

Mini fridgeMini fridge

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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars

4.1 out of 5 stars



Storage Capacity
4 Litre 6 Litre

Cooling Technology
Thermoelectric Thermoelectric

Temperature Range
Cold mode 38°F Below Ambient Cold mode 38°F Below Ambient

Power Options

Colours Available
Black/Grey/White/Blue/Pink Black/Grey/White/Blue/Pink

Dimensions (in.)
7.55″W x 10.03″D x 10.23″H 8.18″W x 9.92″D x 12.67″H

Net Weight
4.73 lbs. 6.17 lbs

28dB 28dB

SMALL BUT MIGHTY : Premium Mini fridge with advanced thermoelectric cooling system to cool up to 38°F below the ambient temperature. This mini fridge is perfect for the office desk, bedroom or car. It’s also great for school, road trips and more! With a 4L capacity you can fit up to 6 cans / 12oz of your favorite beverages in there!
COOL DOWN WITH SUBCOLD : Stay refreshed and hydrated all day long with this Subcold mini fridge. Inner dimensions are 5.23″ x 5.94″ x 7.87″. It comes with removable shelf and door pocket allowing you to store larger items inside such as breastmilk, beverages, makeup, skin care & cosmetic products
AC & EXCLUSIVE USB POWER : You have the option of powering this unit from a wall socket or from your portable power bank via USB. The powerful semiconductor 2.5A refrigeration chip with low power consumption being only 20W at 110V making this unit the most energy efficient model in its class!
SUPER QUIET & CUTE : Features a brushless high-grade DC 12V fan motor for economical and peaceful running with minimum noise output of only 28dB. Meaning this mini fridge will not disturb you whilst you work, travel or sleep!
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE : CE, FCC, ETL, RoHS certified . Built to last with a durable ABS matte outer casing, environmentally friendly & freon-free. Finished with a grab & go premium leather carry handle.

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