Laser Hair Removal

       【Painless Hair Removal】Upgrade the light-out head with optical-grade crystal, which has high strength, high-temperature resistance, high light transmittance, high thermal conductivity, and other valuable physical properties. This can be combined with semiconductor refrigeration technology to achieve a safe and comfortable, ice-feeling, painless hair removal experience. In the depilation process, the head part can reach 10 °C when contacting the skin, effectively cooling the epidermis and reducing skin burning.

  • 【High Life Integral Lamp Holder】This product has a long-life integrated lamp head that does not need to be replaced and is suitable for multiple hair removal areas, such as the face, lip hair, underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, etc., saving you expensive lamp head replacement costs no need for frequent purchases of accessories.
  • 【Safe, Permanent, and IPL Hair Removal】 light energy is converted into heat and destroys the tubular follicles in hair follicles that produce hair. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device for permanent hair reduction in just 8 weeks.
  • 【3 Functions and LCD Display】 Our ipl hair removal cooling has updated 3 more functions and 2 replacement head caps than normal hair removal devices: (HR), (SR), and (AC). The intelligent hair removal for women with LCD can adjust the mode and level by touching the screen.
  • 【9 Levels and 2 Modes】 This ipl hair removal for women has nine energy levels to choose from; the higher the energy level, the better the hair removal effect. The epilator has two modes, You can adjust the mode suitable for your hair removal area by simply pressing the flash button Automatic mode applies to large-area hair removal, saving more time.
  • Laser Hair Removal For Men And Women Permanent, Painless IPL Laser Hair Removal With Ice Cooling System At Home Laser Hair Removal Device 9 Energy Levels 2 Modes HR RA SC More Functions

  • 💡 Laser Hair Removal: Offers permanent hair removal for both men and women.
  • ❄️ Painless IPL Laser: Utilizes an ice cooling system for comfort during treatment.
  • 🏠 At-Home Device: Enables convenient hair removal from the comfort of your home.
  • 9 Energy Levels: Provides customizable settings for varying hair types and sensitivities.
  • 2 Modes (HR, RA): Offers different modes for efficient hair removal on different body areas.
  • SC Function: Includes additional functions for an enhanced hair removal experience.
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