Pulling Focus — FASHION me GREEN

Pulling Focus — FASHION me GREEN

Pulling Focus — FASHION me GREEN

At the beginning of this year a small but powerful voice inside of me posed this question: “What do you really want to do with your time and energy?” It was a tough love moment between me and me. One where the wiser deeper part of me offered that although I’m a very capable woman, there are only so many hours in each day. “What,” it asked, “do you want to fill that precious time with?”

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One answer came through loud and clear. It had been apparent for almost a year. The love of my life needed me, and though my ego put up a good fight about self protection and uncertainty, my heart won out. With this realization came the reality check: “Showing up for him requires a percentage of your time and energy. What are you going to do with the rest?”

And that leads me to this post. Little by little I let go of the ways I was spending my time that didn’t fully align with who I am, and more importantly who I want to become. I attended a graduation ceremony recently and felt the profound truth told by an eighth grader who said, “So far I’ve learned that integrity is everything. Decide who you want to be and then act accordingly.” 

The fourteen year old got there by taking responsibility for immature actions on a school trip. And I got there too. Pushed into a corner by life, and grateful for the nudge. How often do we see the bigger picture in spite of the trees?

You might be able to guess where this is going. As I prioritize the people in my life (including the version of myself I’m eager to grow into), and where I spend my time, I’m narrowing my focus. Intuitively it feels right, and necessary. Although I love the creative process behind this blog, I find it’s time to let it go. And intentionally make space for other things. I have something in the works that I hope to share with you soon. 

Many thanks to the brands, collaborators, and other creatives who’ve helped shaped this content. And most of all, thank you to the readers. Silent as you are at times, I appreciate you and your listening ear. I wish you all the best- with integrity and intention. And, if you’re not yet ready to say goodbye, you can find me (and collaborate with me) over on Instagram. xx

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