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QQ StudioQQ Studio

QQ StudioQQ Studio

Our story

How we got our start We began our journey by providing clear plastic bags to local businesses. Then we saw that the world needed more color. We started selling black, silver, and gold, then slowly started expanding our catalogs to provide new colors. We think a world without color would be a boring and tragic thing! What makes our product unique The special aspect of QQ Studio packaging is the range of colors and choices. It is our mission to spread colors, and we do this by offering new colors, styles, and choices for our customers. We provide genuine and quality packaging that provides a premium packaging experience. Why we love what we do We love working directly with small businesses and start-ups to help them reach customers and grow their company. As a small business ourselves, it is very rewarding to share our knowledge with budding companies and entrepreneurs. We love helping these businesses develop their brand identity.

Resealable- These pouches feature a reliable zip closure that can be easily sealed and reopened for convenient storage.
Heat-Sealable- For an added layer of protection these bags can be heat sealed with an impulse heat sealer. Doing this renders the package airtight and completely water-resistant.
Safe- These pouches only use 100% food-grade materials that is safe for consumers and long-term food storage.
Customizable- With multiple color options and custom printing, these packaging bags can be fully customized to perfectly align with your brand identity.
Windowed- Our packages feature a frosted translucent side that allows the contents of the bag to be clearly seen.

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