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helicopter toyhelicopter toy

rc helicopterrc helicopter

X13 RC Helicopter with 7 Colors LED


Cool LED Lights in 7 Colors: The aircraft has brilliant lights that can change into 7 attractive colors, providing an eye-pleasing visual display.Demo Mode- Auto-rotation and Circle Fly2 Modular Batteries – 30-34 Mins flightStable Hovering with Upgrade Gyro System3.5ChannelOne Key Take-off/Landing2 Speed ModeTrim Button2.4GHzDurable Alloy Structure and Resilient ShellCharging Time: 40-60 minutesControl Range: Up to 50metrs/164feetBattery Type: Rechargeable Li-Po battery

rc planerc plane

rc helicoptersrc helicopters

rc airplanerc airplane


Long press the demo mode, the helicopter will do auto-rotation by itself. This add great fun to your play time.

Circle Fly:

Short press the demo mode, the helicopter will do circle fly. This is a new feature added while other can’t do.

2 Speed Modes:

Different skill levels can be accommodated by the customizable Speed settings.

rc airplanerc airplane

remote control helicopterremote control helicopter


Stable Hover with Upgraded Gyro:

The helicopter is equipped with the latest Gyro system, which enables it to hover stably in the air. When you release your control, it will just hover and waiting for your command. That makes it easy for beginners and kids.

3.5 Channels Multi-function Remote Control:

The 3.5 channels helicopter can fly up, down, forward, backward, turning left, turning right or stay hovering. Besides, there are more functions on the remote, including one key take-off/landing and trim button.

One Key Take-off/Landing:

After pairing the helicotper and the remote control, just press the one key take-off button, it will fly off the ground. And you can also land it easily with one button.

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for adultsfor adults

for kidsfor kids

Durable Alloy Structure and Resilient Shell:

The internal alloy structure can protect the control board, gears and other small parts inside when hits or crash occurs; the outer shell is made of resilient PVC which can a efficient buffer when the helicopter hits to the wall and keep itself shaped.

2 Batteries with 34Mins of Flight:

2 Modular Batteries included prolong your play time to 30-34 minutes. (One battery last 15-17 minutes.) The rechargeable modular batteries are built with cutting-edge charging safety against over-charge, over-current, and low voltage scenarios.

2.4GHz RC Helicopter:

The 2.4G remote frequency enables the players to operate the device from any position and any angle in the house without worrying about the signal problem. If you have 2 different helicopters or other remote control toy, they can fly at the same time without any interference.

remote controlremote control

Size and Package

Product Dimension: 13*6.2*2.5 IN

The package includes:

1 Helicopter1 Remote2 Batteries (3.7v 550mAh) with 1 Charging Cables4 Spare Propellers2 Tail Propellers4 Spare screws1 Screwdriver1 Manual

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8.5*7.5*4.8 IN 13*6.2*2.5 IN

7+1 LED Lights

Light with Better Translucent Shell

2 Module Batteries 2 Module Batteries

Altitude Hold

Ready to Fly

Auto Rotation

Circle Fly


Include Extra Parts

Optimizations Done: Several optimizations are done on this copter compared with others in the market–1. Long battery life; 15-17 mins for each one and 2 batteries are included; charge time is about 45-60minutes. 2. Add brilliant LED light; 3. Upgraded Gyro system for stable hovering 4. Add Auto-rotation and Circle-Fly mode; 5. Bigger Size: 13*6.2*2.5 IN; 6. Spare parts that you may need are included, 4 Spare Propellers, 2 Tail Propellers, 4 Spare screws and 1 Screwdriver.
Brilliant LED Light Mode: Experience the mesmerizing glow of the Helicopter’s specially-designed translucent shell, radiating an enchanting illumination at day and night. Transforming through 7 colors, these stunning lights create a visual spectacle that captures both young and adult hearts.
Effortless Control for Beginners: Our radio-controlled copter adopts an Upgraded Gyro system for rock-steady hovering. This helicopter will hold its position when you release the controls, awaiting your next command. With ease, you can make it ascend, descend, glide forward, retreat backward, execute graceful left or right turns. You may adjust the speed settings to suit your level of expertise, and features like the trimmer button and one-key takeoff/landing make operation simpler.
Built to Endure: With a single modular battery delivering 15-17 minutes of flight time and the inclusion of two batteries doubling your enjoyment to 30-34 minutes, we guarantee extended entertainment. Cutting-edge rechargeable modular batteries incorporate advanced safety features against over-charge, over-current, and low voltage incidents. Our helicopter’s robust PVC body and protective landing gears fortify its resilience, acting as buffers against collisions and crashes. The Alloy Structure further shields delicate components from external impacts.
Fun and Safety: Engage the thrilling demo mode, where the helicopter embarks on auto-rotations or captivating circular flights. Perfect for indoor bonding, this feature ensures cherished memories for you and your kids. Propellers spin at a controlled speed, safeguarding your home decor. The 2.4G remote frequency boasts extensive transmission range and remarkable anti-interference, guaranteeing a strong signal from any angle within your home. No interference issues, even when multiple helicopters or other 2.4GHz RC toys are in use.

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