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Hi. We make balls.

Why? Well, we’re a motley crew of dreamers and designers who live by a simple creed: “Do more for what you love.”​

And we love designing things that make life a little bit easier and a heckuva a lot more enjoyable. Balls need more colors, Our materials engineers are obsessed with incorporating alternative materials into them.

So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We created what we believe to be the finest volleyball in all the land. Volleyball designed to help you do more of what you love. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and carpe the diem.

A colorful world for your kids!

排球-baobao A+封面排球-baobao A+封面

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4.4 out of 5 stars

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Astral/Black Holographic Lolipop Purple Macaron Pink



Please note that the volleyball will be deflated for safe transportation, and the product does not come with a pump. You’ll need to bring your own pump to inflate the ball.

Volleyball Maintenance Guide:

1. Avoid kicking or sitting on the volleyball to rest, and refrain from pressing it with heavy objects, as this may cause deformation and affect its elasticity.

2. If the volleyball becomes dirty after use, it can be washed with water for volleyball. However, after cleaning, avoid exposure to sunlight and air dry the ball.

Package includes

1 x Premium Volleyball (Without Pump)

CONFIGURATION: Age Grade: Over the age of 0. The second generation of reflective leather + double-wrapped yarn liner + bronzing LOGO process. Official Size, Circumference: 65-67CM, Weight: 269-280g.
CHARACTERISTICS: The independent patent solves the shortcomings of the poor friction of the first generation of reflective leather. We specially customize the bottom layer for the second-generation reflective leather, which greatly improves the integrity of the ball.
INSTRUCTIONS: Please note that when the reflective leather needs to be matched with the flash of the mobile phone, the “glow” effect can be taken on the mobile phone screen.
INTERNAL FEATURES: Full-fledged effervescent gall bladder is used to maintain durability. A 200-meter-long winding thread is used on the surface of the bladder to enhance the overall texture and maintain the stability of elasticity. We are not afraid that you open the ball to check if we really use enough wrapping yarn
QUALITY CONTROL: Quality assurance from the inside out, multilayer wrap yarn process with high grade butyl bladder ensures the stability of the volleyball. All manual fitting process to ensure quality.

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