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Root Industries AIR RS V2 EBC Top ImageRoot Industries AIR RS V2 EBC Top Image

Root Industries has always provided the highest quality pro scooter wheels, forks, clamps, bars, and now decks. It was only a matter of time until the inaugural generation got an upgrade – and that time is now.

Welcome the newest addition to the AIR lineup – the Root Industries AIR RS V2 complete scooter.

Sometimes to succeed, you must break the rules – and the new Root Industries AIR RS V2 does just that. Made entirely from top-quality Root Industries AIR components, this beast of a complete scooter is the epitome of unbox-and-shred. Geared more toward the aspiring no-holds-barred street rider, as well as any taller rider, the AIR RS V2 features a longer deck, boxed ends, and integrated pegs.

The AIR RS V2 also features an all-new AIR V2 Deck – scrutinized, redesigned, and tested by veteran and professional riders to ensure the highest quality and functionality possible. Included on every AIR RS V2 complete scooter, this masterfully-crafted piece of CNC-machined, laser-cut aluminum is the centerpiece of the AIR RS V2 build and the key to quick, smooth progression, and ultimate comfortability.

Available in a sleek, stealth-like all black finish.

With the Root Industries AIR RS V2 complete, you are ready to shut down any spot you pull up to.

Root Industries AIR RS V2 EBC Mid ImageRoot Industries AIR RS V2 EBC Mid Image

Main Features:

– Forged AIR V2 Headtube

– 120mm x 24mm AIR Wheels

– Comfortable R2 Handlebar Grips

– Lightweight AIR V2 Deck Design – 5.25″ Wide by 22″ Long

– Strong, Reliable AIR Double Clamp – Easy Push Nylon Brake – XL AIR T-Bars – 24″ Wide by 28″ Tall

– HIC Compression

– AIR Aluminum Forks

– Suitable for Ages 14+

Root Industries Suggested Sizing Chart Complete ScootersRoot Industries Suggested Sizing Chart Complete Scooters

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Rider Skill Level
Beginner Beginner-Intermediate Beginner-Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate-Advanced

Recommended Age
4+ Years 7+ Years 8+ Years 10+ Years 12+ Years

Scooter Weight
7.3 lbs. 7.9 lbs. 7.6 lbs. 8.48 lbs. 9.8 lbs.

Handlebar Width
21.65″ 21.65″ 22.8″ 23″ 24″

Handlebar Material
Chromoly Steel HMA Aluminum HMA Aluminum HMA Aluminum Chromoly Steel

Deck Width
4.8″ 4.8″ 4.8″ 4.8″ 5.25″

Deck Length
17.32″ 19.7″ 19.7″ 20.66″ 22″

Foot Space
11.22″ 13.8″ 13.6″ 14.5″ 16″

Wheel Size
110mm x 24mm 110mm x 24mm 110mm x 30mm 120mm x 30mm 120mm x 24mm

Compression System

Root Industries AIR RS V2 EBC Bottom ImageRoot Industries AIR RS V2 EBC Bottom Image

🛡 LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE. ALL Root Industries pro scooters and products are SUPER lightweight, while remaining durable and maintaining a sleek, attractive design. This lightweight design allows for much easier trick execution and more stable scooter control. The durability of every Root Industries freestyle pro stunt scooter part is a testament to years of hard work and testing done by some of freestyle scootering’s TOP riders, overseen by a company that is forever on the PURSUIT OF PERFECTION.
🏅 RIDDEN BY PROS. The best riders ride Root Industries! From years of testing at skateparks worldwide and in the streets around the globe, ALL Root Industries pro scooter products are forged through hours of dedication and determination, hard work and slams, heavy research and calculated execution, to ensure that these genuine scooter parts are at the apex of perfection. And although the price would indicate these are cheap pro scooters, once you ride one, you’ll realize they’re top quality.
⏱ ANYONE* CAN UNBOX & RIDE IN MINUTES. The Root Industries Lithium & Invictus complete bmx scooter is 95% assembled at unboxing. The remaining assembly is a quick handlebar install, allowing the rider to get into what’s important – riding their stunt scooters! No need for hectic issues, just install the handlebars and get back to shreddin’ your professional scooter! You’ll be the envy of the skatepark! *Intended as pro scooters for adults/pro scooters for kids; may require adult supervision.
✅ GUARANTEED. All R.I. trick scooter products carry with them an extended warranty. Whatever the problem, no matter the issue, we will make things right where there may be a wrong – just let us know. From pro scooter bars and pro scooter clamp, to pro scooter wheels and pro scooter deck, we make sure to hold our customers the highest and keep them rollin’ smooth. We know the fusion between rider and scooter is inseparable, and we aim to keep the time you spend off your shred-sled to a minimum.
🔧 SPECS. 120mm x 24mm AIR Pro Scooter Wheels Wheels High-tensile axles Alloy brake and scooter deck plugs Chromoly AIR T-bar – 28” x 24” (710mm x 610mm) Forged deck – 83-degree headtube angle – 5.1” x 22” (130mm x 560mm); 2-degree concave, boxed deck-ends/dropouts Integrated pegs AIR Grips, Headset & Double Clamp HIC Compression Blend of curb appeal & functionality! These are trick scooters for kids 8 years and up and is a beginner scooter, to advanced!

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