Secret Identity — FASHION me GREEN

Secret Identity — FASHION me GREEN

Secret Identity — FASHION me GREEN

I relish the start of a new year. For me, it’s less a time for ‘fixing things’ and more a time of introspection and reflection that translates into intention for what’s wanted going forward. I’m not a huge fan of goals. Not sure why. Maybe I feel there is too much pressure? Either way, this year I did feel motivated to set somethings down on paper. And I thought to myself, ‘how can I write out what I want in a way that feels good to me?’ So, I created a master To Do list for 2018! 

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Drafting a list of things I want to do in the year ahead felt way better to me. I think it made it more relatable and actionable too, because I was listing things I know I for sure want to do. I organized it into three columns: Professional, Relationships, and Personal. And for each column I listed 4-5 things I wanted from each area within the next year. Here are examples from each of my columns:

Professional- Raise seed round of funding for my app (I’ll share more on this in the near future!).

Relationships- Pen pal with my Dad.

Personal- Up my daily meditation to 15-20 mins and add a 10 min visualization workshop on after.

If this master To Do list approach resonates with you, try it! I’m finding a lot of excitement and power in it. I’m also pumped about a practice from a book I’m reading called Super Better: The Power of Living Gamefully. It helps you see life as a game and engage in ways that expand the brain and your experiences. There’s a ton of research in the book, and lots of little things you can do to enhance your experience and enjoyment of life. One that stuck out to me is adopting a secret identity. Think of it as having an avatar for the real world. I know this may seem a bit out there, but I promise there is real value in this exercise. 

According to the research we typically have five signature strength that we naturally exhibit and can actively call upon when faced with challenges or growth, known as the Value in Action Strengths. To see the whole list and take the survey visit this site. Choose the top five that feel most like you. Don’t overthink it. 

Okay, now use those strength to summon your secret identity name. Choose something heroic because you are the hero of your own game (or movie). You now have a secret identity that you can share with those closest to you or keep private. As you move through your day, or a challenge that arises, you have your own super powers to call on. They are your innate strengths and will help you show up as your best self. I love this and have it marked down in my Personal tab for the year. It’s a game I can play in my mind to keep things light and help me feel powerful. 

This is what I’m up to for the new year. I’d love to hear what you’ve set in front of you and any tools you are using too. Here we come 2018! 

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