Spectrum Is Raising Prices for the Second Time This Year. Here’s What You Can Do

Spectrum Is Raising Prices for the Second Time This Year. Here’s What You Can Do

Spectrum customers are no strangers to price increases, and they’re about to get hit with another one.

In a post on Reddit, a user who says they’re a Spectrum employee detailed rate increases that will take effect in July. The user says the internet base price will increase on all plans by $3 monthly (or $4 for legacy plans), home phone plans by $3 and TV Select by $3 in certain states. Spectrum confirmed to CNET that prices would increase in July but declined to comment on specifics. 

This is the second time Spectrum has raised its rates this year. In January, it increased the price of its low-income plan from $20 to $25 per month (though speeds increased from 30Mbps to 50Mbps) and the cost to rent a router went from $5 to $7 monthly.

You can sometimes negotiate your bill with your provider when hikes like these happen, but Spectrum customers may have a harder time reaching a customer service representative than they have in the past. The company has closed at least three call centers in the past two months, laying off a total of 745 employees in the Grand Rapids, Rochester and Columbus areas. Spectrum said it will be transitioning those positions to larger centers around the country. 

This news comes after an earnings report revealed Spectrum lost 72,000 internet customers and 405,000 cable TV customers in the first three months of 2024. 

“We continue to expand and improve our offerings to ensure all customers have products and packages that best meet their needs,” a Spectrum spokesperson told CNET. “While our services have been impacted by rising costs, we strive to keep prices as low as possible.’

If you’re a Spectrum customer facing rising costs, there are several things you can do to keep your internet bill manageable.

What to do if Spectrum raised your prices

Though it might feel like you’re at the mercy of your internet provider, there are several steps you can take if your bill is becoming too expensive. 

  • Negotiate with Spectrum: Although it might be more difficult to get a live person on the phone after Spectrum’s recent layoffs, it’s worth calling customer service to try to find a new deal. Come prepared with knowledge about other Spectrum plans available in your area, as well as competitors you could switch to. Some Reddit users have also noted that they’ve had better luck going into a store than negotiating over the phone. 
  • Purchase your own router: I know, it sounds counterintuitive to spend more money after your bill just went up. But buying your own Wi-Fi router will save you money in the long run. Spectrum’s router rental fee is $7 per month, which adds up to $84 yearly — more than the price of CNET’s pick for the best Wi-Fi router
  • Switch to a cheaper plan: Spectrum has plans as low as $30 per month for new customers, so you may be paying for more speed than you need. I recommend auditing all your internet activities and deciding if you could get by with a cheaper plan. 
  • Cut the cord on cable TV: You may be able to get the same TV channels for a lower price through a live TV streaming service like Hulu Plus Live TV or YouTube TV. You can also get local channels for free by using a TV antenna
  • Switch internet providers: This is the nuclear option. If the latest Spectrum price increase is a bridge too far, it might be time to switch internet providers altogether. Enter your address on the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband map and see what else is available to you.

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