Started with the Housekeeper then it spread

Started with the Housekeeper then it spread throughout our group over the last month. The housekeeper recovered, too late for the family she cared for, all were exposed without knowing. We quickly isolated ourselves from each other in our group staying in our homes and waiting.

Next was a 13-year-old in the home where the housekeeper worked, the child recovered in a week, but her mother was not been as fortunate, fighting this thing for over two weeks, then her husband got it, and he is struggling to breathe, a bad fever late at night and impossible to work even simple tasks exhaust him. Two other children in the home are fine only waiting.

Started with the Housekeeper then it spread

It has lived in their home for a month waiting for the next to infect. This Virus chooses new hosts, for no time or reason, this family was healthy, followed the rules, always careful. Employees of the business are kept away, working remotely trying to keep the family business functioning.

Medications help fight the virus, relieving symptoms only for a short time to get through the day. Nights are difficult, appears the time we need rest, the virus keeps you up all night exhausting you even more. Doctors offer suggestions on how to fight this off or how to survive. No pill exists to relieve the symptoms, we have tried everything.

We will be isolated from each other for at least another couple of weeks, while this runs its course, all we can do, is wait and see who might be next. The stress of knowing you have been exposed is hard to deal with, you think you have symptoms then they pass. You become aware of your body in ways you never noticed before.

Over the last months, we remained diligent about protecting each other from the virus. Ignoring the news and ever-changing medical options and the politics of this disease.


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