Suryakumar Yadav Praises Kohli’s Enthusiasm and Fitness

Suryakumar Yadav, a dynamic Indian batter, recently highlighted the crucial role played by Virat Kohli during India’s victorious T20 World Cup 2024 campaign. Despite struggling with his form, Kohli’s unwavering energy and leadership were pivotal in India’s success.

Reflecting on Kohli’s impact, Suryakumar noted that Kohli’s dedication and enthusiasm on the field were unmatched, irrespective of his batting performance. “He is a powerhouse of energy on the ground, irrespective of his performance. If you see, till the final, things didn’t go as he wanted to but the way he carried himself on the field… He was taking part in team get-togethers, practice sessions, everything. He was a leader in his own way,” Suryakumar told the Indian Express.

Kohli’s proactive approach in team huddles, offering advice to the captain and bowlers, showcased his leadership qualities. Suryakumar, who debuted internationally under Kohli’s captaincy, emphasized how Kohli’s presence was inspiring for the entire team.

Kohli’s tenure as captain also brought a fitness revolution to the Indian cricket team, turning them into one of the best fielding units globally. His commitment to fitness made him a role model for his teammates, encouraging them to maintain high fitness standards.

Suryakumar shared his experience of batting alongside Kohli, emphasizing the need to match Kohli’s fitness levels. “In 2022, when I made my debut, I did most of the batting with him during the bilateral series and then the World Cup. I realized then that if I have to bat with Virat Kohli, I have to match his fitness because he takes two quick runs by pushing a ball in the gaps and then he slams a four,” Suryakumar added.

He also mentioned his admiration for working out with Kohli. “I had told the strength and conditioning coach Soham Desai to keep my training time along with his. Because sometimes there are days when I don’t feel like training or my body is tiring or mentally I’m not ready. So by watching him those 40 minutes will pass by in the gym,” he concluded.

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