Sustainable Shoes like Converse: 10 Eco Alternatives

Sustainable Shoes like Converse: 10 Eco Alternatives

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 is a popular name worldwide and is considered one of the biggest footwear brands in the world. But did you know some great sustainable brands are making shoes like converse from eco-friendly materials?

If you’re a consumer who wants to make a better choice about the products you buy to reduce your carbon footprint but doesn’t want to compromise on style or quality, then you’re in the right place.

We’ll show you some fantastic shoes like converse from brands that use ethical production, sustainable materials, and environmental practices.

Let’s jump in.

Sustainable Shoes Like Converse


Sustainability: Fair Trade, Vegan, and sustainable, made using natural materials including organic cotton and natural rubber

Best for: Shoes similar to Converse Chuck Taylor

Ships to: E.U., Switzerland, U.S.A.

Meet , a standout sneaker brand using certified Fair Trade organic cotton. Organic cotton can save up to 80% water compared to conventional cotton.

Ethletic is the perfect example of a sustainable alternative to converse. The brand has a unique style and playful attitude, offering its hi-tops and low-tops in various colors and bespoke patterns.

Plus, the brand has a fully traceable supply chain, ensuring ethical production and responsible sourcing of its fabrics.

In 2019 the brand became the first apparel brand to offer customers a chance to tip the workers who made their shoes – an initiative that sends 100% of the tips directly to workers.


Sustainability: Certified B corp, creating shoes from natural and sustainable materials

Best for: Converse shoe low-top alternatives, perfect for skaters

Ships to: Worldwide

is a favorite sneaker brand of ours because the brand creates great quality sneakers the right way, using responsibly sourced materials and ethical production. In addition, the brand creates a collection of canvas style sneakers and leather sneakers.

Cariuma gets fantastic customer reviews, with its best-selling O.C.A. style receiving over five thousand five star reviews.

The brand also gives back, and for every sneaker purchased, a tree is planted to help reforestation projects in the Amazon rainforest – Now, that’s an initiative we can get behind.

3. Etiko

Sustainability: B corp certified brand using Fair Trade ethical production and vegan materials.

Best for: Shoes like Converse all star sneakers, high top sneakers, and low-tops

Ships to: Worldwide

Australian brand Etiko is another excellent example of a brand creating ethical shoes like converse. In addition, the brand is fair trade certified and pays its worker and farmers a living wage.

Like converse, Etiko creates stylish and comfortable high-tops and low-top styles in various colors. All of Etikos sneakers are entirely vegan, and their classic hi-top style gets excellent reviews, with an average of 4.7/5 stars and over eighty reviews.

4. Nothing New

Sustainability: Shoes created from recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets, and natural rubber

Best for: Shoes like Converse Chuck Taylors and Converse low-tops.

Ships to: the U.S. & International

Nothing New is a footwear brand with a difference. The brand is creating its designer shoes from 100% sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets, and a natural rubber sole.

Nothing New creates two signature styles similar to Converse, the high top and the low top. The difference is that Nothing New materials are 100% sustainable.

The brand doesn’t offer as many color options as Converse, but they still have a great color selection.

5. Allbirds

Sustainability: Certified B-corp, natural materials, recycled materials, ethical production

Best for: Comfortable casual shoes

Ships to: Worldwide

For a refreshing alternative to Converse, check out Allbirds, a sustainable sneaker brand creating comfortable and eco-friendly high-tops and low-top sneakers from a range of natural and recycled materials.

The brand was catapulted to success thanks to its ever-popular wool and tree runner styles and has now become one of the world’s most well-known sustainable footwear companies.

The running shoe brand doesn’t only make running shoes and sneakers; however, they also create a range of high top styles. We recommend trying the Allbirds Tree Pipers as an alternative to converse low-tops; we’ve personally tried a pair and love how comfortable they are.

Allbirds Tree Dashers worn

6. 8000kicks

Sustainability: Hemp shoes with algae bloom soles

Best for: Waterproof alternatives to Converse

Ships to: Worldwide

Introducing 8000kicks, the sneaker brand creating footwear from hemp, yep, you read that correctly. The brand uses hemp as an alternative to cotton in its sneakers, as hemp requires less water to grow, absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, and replenishes the soil.

You can’t smoke these shoes, but you can look good and keep your feet dry at the same time. 8000kicks shoes are entirely waterproof and feature a cushioned algae bloom sole, perfect if you’re on your feet all day.

We’ve tested a pair of 8000kicks Explorers ourselves. You can check the review out here.

Also available to shop at


Sustainability: Certified B Corp using organic materials, and a transparent supply chain

Best for: Alternatives to Converse All Star high top and converse low-tops

Ships to: Worldwide

Cool French sneaker brand has taken the world by storm, thanks to its ever-growing fan base of celebs, royals, and influencers, and for a good reason. The brand was one of the first sustainable footwear brands in the world, using sustainable materials and publishing its supply chain.

The brand creates on-trend sneakers, including a Nova style which is a great alternative to Converse’s classic style.

Also available to shop atand.

Veja shoes


Sustainability: Hemp shoes made in Europe

Best for: Barefoot shoes

Ships to: the E.U. & International

Another sustainable brand on our radar that creates eco-friendly shoes like converse is .

Bohempia is an innovative footwear brand creating barefoot sneaker styles, comfortable sneakers with arch support, and accessories from hemp.

Bohempia’s goal is to improve environmental and social sustainability in footwear industry and bring hemp back to mainstream use. All of the brand’s cool shoes are PETA Vegan-certified and are created ethically in small workshops in Europe with safe and fair working conditions.

9. Novesta

Sustainability: Shoes made ethically in Europe from natural rubber and GOTS organic cotton, handmade, and vegan

Best for: Stylish alternative to Converse, Vegan shoes like Converse

Ships to: Worldwide

If you’re looking for a seriously on-trend brand similar to converse, check out Novesta.

The brand is relatively new to the USA, but Novesta is a brand rooted in footwear heritage. Since its founding in 1939, the brand has been committed to creating high-quality sneakers in timeless styles.

Novesta manufactures its products ethically in Europe, keeping with the brand’s tradition. Plus, it uses a range of sustainable and natural materials like natural rubber and GOTS organic cotton canvas in its shoes.

Also available to shop online at .

10. Baabuk

Sustainability: Comfortable sneakers made ethically from Merino Wool

Best for: Wool low tops and high-tops

Ships to: Worldwide

Wool shoes are seriously taking off, with more and more brands utilizing the fantastic properties of wool.

If you’re looking for shoes like Converse but don’t want to miss out on grabbing a pair of wool sneakers, we recommend you check out Baabuk.

The Swiss brand creates ethical shoes like Converse from responsibly sourced merino wool. In addition, the brand creates high-top and low-top styles, and each style comes in a range of great colors.

Pair of Converse High Tops

 was founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse. What started initially as a military boot business evolved into an athletic shoe brand and began creating athletic shoes in 1915.

In 1923 the brand partnered with basketball star Chuck Taylor, and the brand’s iconic basketball shoes became known as Chuck Taylor All-Star A.K.A. “Chucks.”

Fast forward over one hundred years, and the classic Chuck Taylor style is still one of Converse’s most popular and iconic sneakers.

We hope you’ve found the perfect sustainable alternative to Converse shoes. Make sure to if you check out more shoe alternatives like skate shoes like Vans, or alternatives to Allbirds.

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