That Bloody Period!!! CORA Organic Cotton Tampon Review + Job Generation + Pad Donation Program

That Bloody Period!!! CORA Organic Cotton Tampon Review + Job Generation + Pad Donation Program

That Bloody Period!!! CORA Organic Cotton Tampon Review + Job Generation + Pad Donation Program

Just a few days ago I was driving home from grocery shopping and happened upon an NPR podcast on how young girls’ periods in developing countries impacts their school attendance — “Does Handing Out Sanitary Pads Really Get Girls to Stay in School“? In conclusion, because of various research factors, the study did not come to a clear conclusion of the initial question (which was based on attendance), but the study did show that handing out sanitary pads has a positive impact on girls’ self -esteem. Further research should be done on how this impacts girls in the classroom.

I can only imagine how I would feel if I didn’t have medicine or easily accessible menstruation sanitary “equipment.” We have all had that one bloody period story where we didn’t realize there was blood clearly visible on the back of our pants, on that seat we sat on, or on that white dress we shouldn’t have worn that specially selected day. In society us as women are generally hushed on the topic of our bloody periods and the pain accompanies those many wonderful cramps where our uteri try to prepare themselves for a potential new life through a wonderful sloshing-off of membrane layers. *sigh* (but it’s quite incredible when you think about it). This does impact our daily lives – whether it’s because we need to excuse ourselves to change our sanitary gear or if it impacts our concentration because of the pain caused by our marvelous periods.

Anyways, a few months ago I was contacted by CORA to do a review on their organic cotton tampons and share the story of what they do. It’s really cool because not only are their tampons and the applicators chemical free (leaving your lovely vagina a bit more safe from cancer-causing agents such as dioxins which are found in the typical tampon) but they have an awesome social program which creates local jobs which then provide free sanitary products to school-aged girls in rural parts of India! Aaaand these sanitary pads are biodegradable!

Every sanitary pad is all-natural, sustainable and biodegradable, plus they’re produced in small-scale manufacturing units in rural villages and urban slums to support the local economy and employ the women who live there.

CORA tampon give back program
Time for TAMPON TALK! So, I am a huge fan of tampons because of their convenience, but I have also been skeptical of the health of tampons. No matter what way I look at it, periods suck (…well, they actually do the opposite.) Conveniences like sanitary products make them a bit better- and when that sanitary product makes you feel special and cute – it actually makes that your period a little less horrible. Thank God for sanitary products! I love how CORA donates sanitary products which are locally made to girls in developing countries where sanitary napkins are not accessible. I await more research to see the actual impacts this has on school attendance! 

Onward to the actual tampon review!!! When I received the CORA starter pack, I asked two of my friends, both long time tampon users to try it out too! Both of them are big fans of the tampon, its comfort and the fact that they are organic cotton. I, on the other hand, loved the packaging and that it’s organic, however the application was not comfortable for me. This is because the end of the applicator is flat, kind of squared, similar to a Kotex tampon’s end. I guess it’s a preference thing. But, read the reviews below for yourself! 🙂 I will begin with my friends’ reviews!

“I was really excited to try Cora because of the great work the company does and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the tampons worked. I would say they are as absorbent as my usual tampons (Playtex sport). The insertion process is a little less than comfortable. The shape of the tampon tip is not as ergonomic as I would like. The cotton at the tip is also exposed which also makes it a little uncomfortable to insert. Once you do have it inserted though, it feels like any other tampon. It lasted the same amount of time as other tampons. Removal was also simple and easy. 

The packaging and presentation of Cora is amazing. It makes you want to display your tampons in your bathroom instead of stuffing them in some drawer. It’s also a great feeling knowing your helping other girls around the world experience a simple and easy period experience.” 

Over all I’d give Cora a 4.5 out of 5. The only issue being the insertion of the tampon. 

It’s good! It’s in there! I like packaging it comes in because it’s quieter than other tampons do I don’t feel weird opening it in the restroom and it’s comfortable plus doesn’t have all the chemicals that most brand name tampons have so I feel good about putting it in my body- I told you I use the diva cup and I love it but it is difficult to get it in the right position. haha. This applicator was easy to use except that you have to be a bit careful because I kinda separated the two pieces and I didn’t even tug on it that hard. The regular size is perfect, can’t feel it up there or anything! I like that the string is a bit longer too so I don’t feel like it will rip off or get lost somehow and I will be able to get the tampon out.”

Can I do halves? 4.5 of 5 only because of the applicator but could be human error haha 

— Caitlyn, 25

“Love the packaging and the mission, but I did not like the end of the applicator. It is flat and the plastic is quite thick so it doesn’t glide in like the Playtex 360 that I am use to. I made two attempts at this and was just not comfortable with the insertion. I will have to pass. After talking to my friends on their experiences, they didn’t have the same issue, or at least the discomfort wasn’t to the level where they wouldn’t use the tampon, so they happily accepted my extra CORA tampons. haah. I suppose it’s a personal preference.” 

I’d say 2.5 out of 5 because although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging and the jobs created and products donated, the applicator just wasn’t comfortable enough for me. 

— Christine, 24 

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Wishing happy periods this New Year,


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