The Best Space Heaters in 2024

The Best Space Heaters in 2024

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Space heaters come in all shapes and sizes and use different elements to heat a room. We’re here to help you find the perfect fit for winter. 

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Space heater price

Most electric space heaters that operate solely in that function, (and not as a dual air purifier, for instance,) are priced below $150, with many models on this list costing less than $100. Several smaller, well-regarded budget models may even run you less than $50. The size of the unit, additional features, number of settings and heating element all contribute to the overall cost of a space heater.

Space heater size

There are no standard sizes or shapes for electric space heaters, and most of the space heaters I researched did not specify the square footage for coverage, other than to mention its capacity to heat a “small to medium” space or to specify room types such as a bedroom or office. Space heaters may be indicated as tabletop, floor or bathroom models and many also come as tall but narrow “tower” models, which may or may not oscillate, that have a smaller footprint and therefore a smaller horizontal space requirement. 

Types of space heaters

While this list consists only of electric space heaters, (as opposed to water- or oil-heated models,) there are several different mechanisms that electric space heaters may utilize to create heated air.

Fan-forced: Fan-forced space heaters circulate air by pulling it into the unit and passing it over a heating element, typically metal coils, expelling the heated air through exhaust vents in the unit.

Infrared: Infrared bulbs are those which convert electricity into radiant heat. This is the least common type among the space heaters we included here, but no less effective.

Ceramic: Ceramic space heaters utilize electricity to heat a ceramic plate within the unit, which then emits radiant heat into the air, with or without the additional use of a fan.

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