The Best Sustainable and Ethical Summer Shoes for Sale

The Best Sustainable and Ethical Summer Shoes for Sale

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So, You’re Looking for Ethical Summer Shoes for Sale …

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Drawing from the brands listed in our Sustainable Brand Directory, we’ve put together a list of ten different sustainably made pairs of shoes created by brands you can trust.

So lace up, strap in, and get ready to put your best foot forward—we’re here to help you step up your eco-friendly shoe game.

The Best Sustainable and Ethical Summer Shoes for Sale

How to Choose Sustainable Summer Shoes

The materials a shoe is made from, how it’s sourced, and its longevity (whether it’s made to last) all play a role in how sustainable it is. As you search for sustainable and ethical footwear, keep these in mind.

When it comes to materials and sourcing, shoes made from natural materials like organic cotton, hemp, and wool are all good options because they come from renewable resources. Of course, the methods used for growing, harvesting, and processing these materials makes a difference. For example, organic cotton uses less water than traditional cotton, and hemp uses even less water than organic cotton.

Recycled materials are another great option. Recycled plastics, like repurposed plastic bottles, are a popular textile for sustainable sneakers, as are repurposed tires. (If your shoes are machine washable, however, be sure to wash your shoes in a bag or with a filter to cut down on microplastics.) Many vegan shoes could also be placed in this category—they’re often made with by-products from other processes or materials like pineapple leaves.

It’s also important to consider whether a brand is paying living wages to their employees and whether they’re transparent about the conditions of their factories. Some brands even go above and beyond by providing community programs. While many people think of the environment when they hear the word “sustainability,” it’s important to think of the people who make the shoes, too. 

The brands listed below all use more sustainable materials and most ensure living wages for their shoe makers, especially the first two brands. In short, they’re leading the way in the future of footwear.

10 Summer Sneakers and Sandals Made by Eco Friendly Shoe Brands

1) Nisolo – Huarache Sandal for Men ($150), Huarache Sandal for Women ($138)

Nisolo Huarache Sandals in a brandy color

Nisolo creates footwear from responsibly-sourced leather, pays their producers 33% above fair trade wages on average, has one of the most comprehensive sustainability scoring methods in the business, and leans heavily into female empowerment with their factory programs. Made from handwoven, weather-resistant leather, Nisolo created these convenient and breathable Huarache Sandals for both men and women.

2) Adelante Made-to-Order – The Tomás for Men  ($265), The Sabina for Women ($305)

Adelante Made-to-Order is among the most progressive brands in paying living wages to their makers, and all of their shoes are made-to-order with custom sizing options. Their Tomás and Sabina slip-ons are created with flexible leather and can easily be dressed up or down.

3) 8000Kicks – Explorer V2 for Men ($119), Explorer V2 for Women ($119)

green 8000kicks sneaker

8000Kicks specializes in eco-friendly hemp sneakers for both men and women with a laser-focus on reducing their carbon footprint. Hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics because of its durability, the amount of water it requires to grow (not much!). 8000Kicks’s Explorer shoes are 100% vegan, and they’re a stylish, minimalist option perfect for days on the go.

4) Thousand Fell – Slip-On for Men ($125), Slip-On for Women ($125)

white and black slip on shoe

Thousand Fell aims to never send another sneaker to the landfill. In addition to making shoes, they take old sneakers back to recycle or donate to someone in need, depending on their condition. Thousand Fell also founded Supercircle, a program helping other brands recycle their products. Their ethically made slip-ons are created to be breathable, stain-resistant, and odor resistant, perfect for everyday wear.

5) Koio – Elba for Men ($155), Elba for Women ($155)

koio-elba-in-nightfall-black-flip-flops-ethical slide sandal

All Koio shoes are handcrafted by artisans in Italy and made using luxury sustainable and regenerative materials. Their Elba slides are made from responsibly tanned leather, and their sleek design will make them your favorite sustainable sandals to wear all summer long.

6) Etiko – High Top Sneakers for Men and Women ($93)

red high top shoe

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Etiko supports human rights and labor conditions along every point of their supply chain. The soles of their classic-looking sneakers are made from natural rubber, and the cotton canvas and laces are certified organic and fair trade.

7) Filippa K – Morgan Sneakers for Men ($350), Kate Sneakers for Women ($350)


With a mission of driving a movement of mindful consumption, Filippa K creates long-lasting and high-quality pieces. While their Morgan Sneakers come at a higher price point, they’re handcrafted in biodegradable leather with a recycled rubber sole, and they’re highly versatile, ensuring you get your money’s worth of wear.

8) VEJA – Condor 2 for Men ($275), Condor 2 for Women ($221)

ethical summer shoes the purple, orange, white, and black lace up sneakers by veja

VEJA has been making sneakers since 2005, mixing social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials. Designed with runners in mind, the Condor V2 is made from recycled polyester, and it’s a comfortable choice ideal for your daily runs.

9) Koio – Regenerative Mello Sneakers for Men ($345), Mello for Women ($345)

white sneakers for men and women with regenerative leather. The mello by koio.

The Mello is part of Koio’s new collection of sneakers made from regenerative leather. These white sneakers are not only better for the planet, they also offer great summer style in a super comfortable shoe.

10) Nisolo – Go-To Flatform Sandal for Women ($138)

sustainable summer shoes 2023 women's light pink and tan sandals by nisolo

Similar to the Huarache Sandals we shared above, Nisolo’s Go-To Flatform Sandals are made with high quality, sustainable leather. Additionally, they’re made with an easy on and off closure, making them a quick add to any outfit for a put-together look.

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