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air inflator for car tires air inflator for car tires

Have you ever struggled to manually inflate your bike tires and ended up drenched in sweat?Have you ever lugged around a bulky air pump and struggled with long cables when inflating your car tires?Even though there are now portable air pumps, you often have to hold the short hoses in a squat position for what feels like an eternity and thus cannot find the optimal solution for your air needs.

But don’t worry anymore! Our advanced smart tire inflator will free your hands and leave you more time for leisure and enjoyable moments with your loved ones. You no longer have to struggle with the monotonous task of inflating manually. Thanks to the automatic stop function, you can simply set the desired pressure, sit back and relax while our digital air compressor does the rest.

We have listened to your needs and fixed the shortcomings of conventional foot pumps. Our electric tire pump is equipped with a 30cm extension hose, so you no longer have to hold the pump in your hand when inflating.

Now you can engage in other activities while effortlessly inflating your tires.

Built-in rechargeable 7800mAh large battery, and integrated with 5V/2A USB output, the car tire inflator can be used as a power bank in emergency.

In addition, the 22-cylinder pump makes inflation faster, reducing inflation time by more than half.

tire inflator portable air compressortire inflator portable air compressor

portable air pump for car tiresportable air pump for car tires

Emergency LED and hammer protection

Our rechargeable car tire filler can also be used as versatile outdoor lighting. It works continuously for 24 hours.

With 2 LED modes – normal lighting and SOS warning. It can be used for various purposes, such as emergency call signal and even protective drill tool for escape scenarios.

Note: It is recommended to fully charge the device before first use.

auto air compressor tire inflatorauto air compressor tire inflator

One Tire Inflator for ALL NEEDS

French valve is compatible with small tires of bicycles, running wheels, scooters and so on;The ball needle can be used to inflate sports equipment such as basketballs, footballs and volleyballs;The long and short nozzle can be selected according to the size and depth of the valve core and are perfect for inflating swimming rings, air mattresses and more;With the built-in inflation hose and the extra 30cm extension hose, you can directly inflate your motorcycle or car tires without the hassle of parking with the valve stem down.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our innovative electric bicycle pump. Imagine effortlessly inflating your bike tires while enjoying a relaxing picnic in the park, or comfortably inflating your car tires without having to make complicated adjustments. Our car tire pump is designed specifically for your needs and ensures that you are always ready for any task that comes your way.

battery tire pumpbattery tire pump

portable air compressor for tiresportable air compressor for tires

【Super-Fast & Precision Tire Inflator】Equipped with a powerful 22-cylinder pump core, this tire inflator portable air compressor providing maximum pressure of 150 PSI and 35L/Min airflow. With upgraded 7800mAh super power battery, ensures you inflate 225/ 55/ R17 car tires from 29PSI to 36PSI within 40s, 3X faster than other cordless tire inflator. The tire pressure monitoring function ensures accuracy and achieves an amazing precision of ±0.2 PSI.
【Portable and Cordless Design】No need to connect the external power supply, TRUEPIN portable air compressor with a rechargeable battery pack can help you inflate anytime and anywhere. With its compact size of 6*4*1.9 Inch, you can simply store this cordless air compressor in your backpack, pocket, and car center console and take it out for use anytime. 7800mAh battery capacity providing the power to inflate 3-4 R16 car tires or 12 road bike tires on a single charge.
【4+N Smart Modes and Auto-shut off】Super use to use with just one touch, you can select your desired inflation mode and start inflating. This car tire air pump portable offers 5 preset inflation modes (cars, bikes, motorcycles, balls and custom modes), and 4 preset units (PSI, KPA, BAR, kg/cm²). This air compressor for tires memories your last set tire pressure value, so next time you use it, just simply power it on, select modes, and then start inflating right away.
【Advanced Cooling and Safety Design】The car pump honeycomb design and built-in chip ensure excellent cooling performance, which increases safety by 30% and extends service life by 50%. It works effortlessly in extreme temperatures from -20°C to 48°C (-4°F to 120°F). With 10 advanced security technologies, you can be assured of the highest level of security.
【5-in-1 Tire Inflator】Combines 5 essential functions into 1 compact device. From tire inflation to tire pressure monitoring, auto shut-off, LED lighting and SOS warning lights, this portable tire inflator has it all. Suitable for a variety of tires including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, as well as inflatable objects such as balls and small air mattresses.

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