Travel Tips for a Sunrise Hike up Mount Bromo

Travel Tips for a Sunrise Hike up Mount Bromo

Travel Tips for a Sunrise Hike up Mount Bromo
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2,329 meters above sea level takes you to Mount Bromo, when you are on Java Island. Mount Bromo is actually one of the most active volcanoes in the world! (I’m pretty sure it takes you to other volcanoes too though… lol). If you like climbing and don’t mind layering like crazy, you definitely must do the Mount Bromo hike! We left Surabaya at around 2am to head to Bromo still on Java, Indonesia. IT WAS SPECTACULAR! I don’t have too much time to write today, but I did want to leave you with a few tips for a safe and spectacular hike:
  • Whether you go with a travel agent or independently, you can hike or take a car up to the sunrise hill, if you go with a travel agent, make sure to go with a safe one. You can find some through Trip Adviser, that’s always my go-to place!
  • It will get REALLY COLD before 5am, so bring gloves, a hat, and a jacket! But if you forget yours, locals sell winter accessories and used jackets.
  • Make sure to dress in layers. Between 2am and 9am the weather will change dramatically from freezing and dewy to hot and humid.
  • There is no toilet paper or soap in the bathrooms, so be prepared. You also have to pay to use the bathroom (like everywhere in Indonesia).
  • Bring plenty of water, hiking up at high elevations is rough on your body and without realizing it, you could pass out from dehydration.

After hiking the volcano, you can go to another volcano and hike the crater. If you aren’t up for the steep climb, you can always take one of many horses. But I will post about this next week, gotta cook me some food now! haha.

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