Une Belle Journee

Une Belle Journee

Every morning when I wake up, I spend 10- 15 mins meditating and at the end I set an intention. I intend to have a beautiful day filled with beautiful people and experiences. It’s a saying I picked up from Abraham Hicks and I love it because it sets me up to go out into the world seeking that experience. So no matter what happens, I’m on the look out for beautiful people and experiences.

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I’ve learned that getting up on the right side of the bed is a choice. In fact, everything in my life is a choice. I may not always be aware that I’m choosing it, but if it’s present in my experience, it’s by choice. When you operate from that mindset and understanding, it is very powerful. I’m learning all about this and the power of our minds and thoughts with Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School. I found her last summer. Did the program for a few months, felt overwhelmed and stopped. A few weeks ago I had the thought, ‘I’d really like to look after my mental health, and what Brooke teaches is going to give me the support I need.’ Starting in June, I’m back in the program and so excited! If this is resonating with you at all, I can’t recommend Brooke’s podcast enough. Go take a walk, listen to an episode (or two!) and have a beautiful day. xx

Une Belle Journee

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Many thanks to Manny + Blinn for sponsoring this post. They make incredible cork leather products which if you haven’t felt the smooth awesomeness of cork leather, now is the time. 

Photos by Cole Buckhart in downtown Jackson Hole, WY. Yeeehaaah! 

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