United Visual Artists: Synchronicity

United Visual Artists: Synchronicity

How pattern recognition and the origins of music inspired UVA’s career-spanning exhibition.

Synchronicity is essentially about patterns, and how we use pattern recognition to make sense of an otherwise chaotic universe,” says United Visual Artists founder Matt Clark, talking to Fact about the UK collective’s immersive and wide-ranging exhibition, now in its final weeks at 180 Studios.

In this film, Clark looks at Synchronicity as a whole, placing some of its key works into these wider contexts, as well as illuminating the ways in which they interact and draw on other ideas such as the origins of music and the human desire to express ourselves through sound.

Synchronicity is open until 25 February, 2024 at London’s 180 Studios and features new works including Polyphony, Chromatic and Edge of Chaos. Daniel J. Thibault’s score for Chromatic is also available as a limited vinyl edition through The Vinyl Factory, each including an individual fine art print created by UVA.

UVA: Synchronicity

180 Studios
180 The Strand, London, WC2R 1EA
12 October, 2023 – 25 February, 2024
10am – 7pm, Wednesday – Sunday (closed Mondays and Tuesdays)
For ticket sales visit: https://www.180studios.com

Filmed by:

Kamil Dymek
Pawel Ptak
Matt Watt (Hotmilk Films)

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